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How can we provide integrated healthcare for employees and improve well-being and productivity? Unimed has the answers of Conarh 2019 | SEGS


Today's corporate environment requires healthcare to exceed the obligations required by law. Evidence of this is the growing debate over a holistic view of worker health, leading to an approach to issues such as preventative care, primary care and data integration, all participating in Unimed's participation in Conarh 2019, an event taking place from 13 to 15 / 08, in Sao Paulo (JV).

The largest cooperative healthcare system in the world, with 344 cooperatives present in 84% of the national territory, Unimed leads the largest corporate governance event in the country, the cause of integrated health care (AIS) available to companies. and collaborators as an effective alternative to health care and the smart use of health resources.

Throughout the system of unanimity, there are 66 ongoing comprehensive healthcare projects serving approximately 300,000 people. One of the outstanding cooperatives in AIS projects is the National Headquarters. Today, the operator has five clinics under this model that operate in Sao Paulo. CNU has ongoing beneficiary follow-up programs on the phone, online and in person, such as Healthcare Management, with an emphasis on targeting chronic patients to health conditions and assisting in the adoption of healthier habits; You are an elderly specialist; Proper weight to combat obesity for beneficiaries with a body mass index (BMI) of 30 or more; a care program exclusively for the care of cancer beneficiaries; and more recently the mental health program.

AIS is also one of the flags of the Unimed Fesp Federation of Sustainable Citizens of Sao Paulo. Currently, 24 Unimeds in the São Paulo network have 30 primary care units and this number will increase by the end of the year with the introduction of three new sites and four others in a study of opportunities.

To ensure quality in AIS units, Qualificare, a program that makes the assessment and diagnosis of care services already implemented by Unimeds of São Paulo and has joined the assessment project, has been ranked in three levels by Quality Print. , developed by Unimed Fesp.

Occupational health

Within the overall approach to health proposed by Unimed, particular attention is paid to health and safety at work. In this area, Unimed do Brasil, the institutional representative of the Unimed System, relies on SOU – Unimed Professional Health, a service designed to meet the demand of companies interested in complying with occupational safety legislation and reduce absenteeism through management. health and reducing the risks associated with occupational accidents and diseases. SOU stands out in the market for offering a national service and for relying on protocols and technical procedures developed by the Unimed System. In addition, it has a choice of laboratories and clinics, with a high-level accredited network and available in different regions.

Dental plan

Dental care is also integrated into the overall health management of workers. Plans for this type of service are developing at a rapid pace and have been consolidated as one of the main strategies for retaining talent in organizations. According to the situation of the National Agency for Supplemental Health (ANS), by May, there were 24.6 million covered by dental plans in the country, an increase of 1.24% this year. For twelve months the variation is 6.54%. Unimed Odonto, the dental operator of Unimed System, has followed this upward trend and registered a high 10.53% in the first five months of this year, surpassing 440,000 customers served nationwide. The portfolio expanded by 28.35% in twelve months. Among the strategies that support these results, the operator is constantly investing in management qualifications and the assistance provided. In addition to innovation in partner and partner dentistry channels, Unimed Odonto offers 21,000 service options, online procedure permissions, SMS or application network research, drug discounts across the nation's leading pharmaceutical chains, and a discounted Advantage Club for over 80 product and service options.

Conarh 2019 unanimous timetable

Anyone who attends the "Unity" space at the Conarch 2019 Trade Fair can immediately see the value that the cooperative system attaches to preventative care and the promotion of health and well-being. This is because the booth, one of the biggest of the event, will feature action by the Unimed-led Mude1Hábito movement to promote better quality of life through changing small habits. On-site activities will be available on site, such as a virtual reality game promoting exercise and the bio-impedance scale, a tool for the nutritionist to analyze the functioning of the body by collecting data such as fat, muscle, hydration, and the weight of the individual. There will also be an exciting and fun Bike Ranking race where teams will race pedal to pedal for a special prize. Unimed's participation in the event also allows for technical lectures, both at the booth itself and at the Arena, located at the fair. See the chart below:

Day 13/08 – Disagreement booth

11h30 – SOU – Unhindered Occupational Health – Perspectives and a New Integrated Management Model

Speaker: Julio Miklos Junior, Occupational Health Manager at Unimed do Brasil

14h- Health technology and its impact on human relationships

Lecturer: Genira Rosa dos Santos

16h – Dental benefit as a value proposition for the employee

Speaker: Andre Verisimo, Unimed Odonto Business Strategy Specialist

Day 14/08 – Expo Arena

11:15 am – Digital Transformation – Let's Learn to Learn to Learn

Lecturers: Guilherme Muller Serpa, Liaison and Marketing Leader – Unimed Digital Experience from Brazil, and Marcelo Smarrito, Digital Advisor at Seguros Unimed and Advisor at UNIO Tecnologia

Day 14/08 – Disagreement booth

10h30 – Professional management and its impact on the loss ratio

Lecturer: Dr. Thiago Alves Oliveira – Hyundai

2pm – Overall health care

Lecturer: Daniel Albuquerque, Head of Health Care at the National Center for Consensus and Gustavo Quineiro, Ph.D.

18h – Dental benefit as a value proposition for the employee

Speaker: Andre Verisimo, Unimed Odonto Business Strategy Specialist

About Unimed – Unimed, the largest collaborative healthcare system in the world, has 52 years of experience in the supplement health market. The brand was born with the founding of Unimed Santos (SP) in 1967 and today is comprised of 344 medical cooperatives, with the help of about 18 million beneficiaries nationwide. An enthusiast of the SomosCoop movement, the Organization of Brazilian Cooperatives (OCB), Unimed has over 115,000 doctors, 119 own hospitals and 2506 accredited hospitals, as well as emergency rooms, laboratories and ambulances to ensure the quality of medical, hospital and adjunct diagnostics, provided to the beneficiaries of the cooperatives. Its brand has been ratified by the National Institute of Industrial Property (Inpi) as being well known for its high level of public awareness, indisputable authority and fame that goes beyond the boundaries of the healthcare industry.

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