Monday , November 29 2021

How much does Aliansce Sonae cost?


Alliance Sonae
Analysts estimate that Aliansce Sonae is today Brazil's second largest oil company in gross leasing space (Image: Aliansce Sonae)

The company as a result of the merger between Alliance and on Sonae, which deals with the new code ALSO3is the favorite of Bradesco BBI in the industry and is expected to outperform its peers with results from the second quarter of 2019, according to a report sent to customers on Tuesday (6).

"In addition to the expected improvement in stock liquidity and greater bargaining power with tenants, the transaction could result in a synergy of revenue and expenses, which should range between $ 55 million and $ 70 million," said Victor Tapia and Marika Clara. Negro. ,

Analysts estimate that Aliansce Sonae is today the second largest milling company in Brazil with 817,000 square meters of gross leased space after only BR Malls (BRML3) with 824 thousand square meters.

Considering only the lower limit of $ 55 million in synergies, Bradesko calculates a $ 39 share price target, which corresponds to an upside potential of 11.5%. The recommendation is to buy.

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"Aliansce Sonae is trading interesting sets, further supporting our preference for ALSO3 as the top choice in the mole sector," they concluded.

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