Thursday , July 29 2021

Humans kill daughters, wives and commit suicide in Araguari – General

Mariana Paranhos, little Valentina and Thiago: crime takes place in the city center (photo: Reproduced
Mariana Paranhos, little Valentina and Thiago: crime takes place in the city center (photo: Reproduction from internet / Facebook)

The tragedy marks this Saturday at Araguari, in Tringulo Mineiro. Double murder cases were followed by suicide mobilizing rescue workers and police at dawn in the city center. According to the first report from the Fire Department, a man killed his 4-year-old daughter, his wife and then stabbed himself.

The couple came from Uberlandia. The man was identified by the Military Police (PM) as Thiago Jos Aquino Marques, 39. He worked in a restaurant. The wife of obstetrician Mariana Barbosa Paranhos, from 33 years old. The child is called Valentina Paranhos Aquino.
Thiago cars hit two dwellings
Thiago cars hit two residences in the center, according to firefighters (photo: Fire Department / Divulgao)

The crime occurred at around 3:30 a.m. on Jalan Marechal Deodoro, number 80. "This resident moved the Corolla vehicle, collided several times on the walls of two residences, then stabbed the boy, stabbed his wife, then stabbed himself", a firefighter in the city said through media outlets sent by WhatsApp.

According to PM, it appeared on the report card, by describing the skill, Valentina was the first to be injured, with a knife on the trax. He even tries to take Mariana to the road, gets out of the car and chases after him, who even goes into a house. The woman was stabbed on the front porch of the residence. There are 12 perforations. J Thiago was found in an open place, after stabbing himself four times on the trax.

He and his daughter still had vital signs and were taken to the Araguari Emergency Care Unit (UPA), where they died. The case was referred to the city police station.

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