Saturday , May 21 2022

"I love Sandy and Junior, but only water? This place is not for me, "jokes Leonardo


Singer Leonardo jokes about "open water bar" tickets offered during the duo Sandy and Junior show for a return tour during High Hours, aired Saturday night, 10 p.m.

The program, led by Serginho Groysman, received a Friends group composed of country duos Zese Di Camargo and Luciano, Chitaazinho and Xororó and singer Leonardo, and at one point the theme ended on the Our Story tour by Sandy and Junior, children of Xororó .

Zee Di Camargo jokes: "Xororó doesn't even give tickets to friends. We're crazy about a ticket to go to [show do] Sandy and Junior … I tried to go online when I went shopping, I was gone, I called Xororó, he said "turn around!"

"But not even to loved ones!" Sandy and Junior's father justified.

Leonardo then commented on a general laugh: "When they announced that there would only be water, I said, 'I will not go.' I love Sandy and Junior, but only water? This place is not for me … "

Then Xororó answered, asking his friend if he would go to the show if there were any alcoholic beverages: "The dressing room only has water, really pork … And if you buy a bottle of branquinha, right?"

The one who changed the answer was Chitanozinho: "He prefers Zec Pagaginho's show. He's home there."

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