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Ibov's futures open in the fall and the dollar approaches $ 4.00 from


© Reuters. OPENING: Ibov's future opens in the fall and the dollar approaches $ 4.00 – Monday's trip started with a 1.32% loss at 102,560 index points. The low deepened at 9:33 am, down 1.54% to 102,348 points. On Friday, the closing fell by 0.33%.

The uncertain external scene continues to worry investors who closely monitor the balance sheets, the Senate's social security reform and local data, such as the Central Bank's activity index, from the local front.

Already jump by 1.36% to $ 3.9943, flirting at $ 4.00.

Chamber of Commerce Minister Onyx Lorenzoni said Saturday that the government should send to Congress in the coming weeks a new proposed amendment to the Constitution (PEC) with the creation of a pension fund system.

The government's initial proposal for a pension reform provided only permission for the future creation of a capitalization system, which was excluded in the text approved by MPs. Now, Onyx claims, this new PEC will bring not only the authorization but also a detailed description of the capitalization system.

The Central Bank's Index of Economic Activity (IBC-Br), a gross domestic product (GDP) indicator, rose 0.30% in June from the previous month, but ended the second quarter with a contraction of 0.13%, according to seasonally adjusted data released by BC on Monday.

Reuters polls are expected to grow by 0.10% per month. Compared to June 2018, IBC-Br fell 1.75% and increased 1.08% over the 12-month period, according to the observed figures.

The period is the main focus here on the quarterly continuous PNAD, which on Thursday will provide up-to-date data from the Brazilian labor market and the unemployment rate. In the United States, the week holds some key indicators such as consumer inflation (3rd), retail and industrial sales (5th), and regional activity indicators.

In China, the week began positively as technology stocks pushed the result after Huawei Technologies introduced its own operating system on Friday, as US trade restrictions, adopted in May, threaten to limit China's access to northern technology. Americans like Android. However, Beijing's threat to use force against protesters in Hong Kong has aversion to international markets.


In TOKYO, the index remained closed. In the HONG KONG index fell 0.44% to 25,824 points. For SHANGHAI, the index gained 1.45% to 2814 points. The CSI300 index, which brings together the largest companies listed in SHANGHAI and advanced by 1.80% to 3,699 points.

Travel is negative for most stock markets on the European continent. In Frankfurt the value fell 0.18% to 1674 points, while in London the FTSE fell 0.46% to 7.220 points. Already in Paris, the CAC lost 0.42% to .305 points.


Monday's Dalian City Commodity Exchange in China was marked by a further depreciation of China's futures, thus extending the sequence to seven consecutive declines. The largest volume contract in January 2020 fell 1.08% to RMB 638.50 per tonne, representing a daily change of 7 yuan.

As for the stock futures, which are also traded on the Chinese Commodity Exchange in Shanghai, the session was profitable. The most liquid contract due for delivery in October under the current calendar is RMB 59 to RMB 3 677 per tonne. The second most traded, January 2020, advanced 9 RMB to 3,451 RMB per tonne.

Monday is also negative for futures contracts in major markets. The WTI barrel, a benchmark in New York, traded down 1.03%, or $ 0.56, at $ 53.94. Already in London, you lose 0.63%, or $ 0.37, to $ 58.16.


– Petrobras (SA 🙂

reducing investment

Petrobras (SA 🙂 signed a contract with SPE 3R Petroleum on Friday for the sale of $ 191.1 million of its entire stake in a set of 7 land and sea production fields, Polo Macau, in the Potiguar Basin, in Rio Grande do Norte, inform the state.

The Macau skirt covers the fields of Aratum, Macau, Sera, Salina Crystal, Arora Lagoon, Porto Karoo and Sangachu, which together produce about 5,800 barrels of oil equivalent per day.

Petrobras (SA 🙂 has a 100% stake in all concessions except the Sanhaçu concession, where it has a 50% share, while the remaining 50% is owned by Galp-controlled Petrogal.


Average gasoline prices rose slightly this week at Brazilian gas stations, stopping a series of 12 straight weeks of retreat while diesel also rose slightly, according to data from the National Natural Gas and Biofuels Agency (ANP) on Friday. ,

The progress came after Petrobras (SA 🙂 announced a 4% increase in the average price of gasoline and a 3.75% increase in diesel in its refineries, starting on 1 August.

The passage of Petrobras (SA 🙂 fuel price adjustments at refineries to gas station end users depends on several factors such as taxes, distribution margins and resale and blending of biofuels.

Gasoline surpassed 0.16% this week compared to the previous week to 4.319 RE per liter. Water ethanol, its competitor in pumps, increased by 0.36%, by the same comparison, to 2.708 reals per liter.

TAC – Comperj

Petrobras (SA: .SA) signed this Friday an Agreement on Compliance (TAC) of 814.5 million reais with the Rio government, state prosecutors and the State Institute of the Environment to complete public civil actions related to Comperj licensing, in Italy.

The oil company said the amount had already been budgeted for the second quarter.

Among the measures envisaged by the agreement – which was signed as a result of the Parliamentary Inquiry Committee (CPI) at the Legislative Assembly of Rio de Janeiro (Alerj) – is the contribution of 330 million realities to afforestation and vegetation, said the councilman. ,

Petrobras (SA 🙂 president, Roberto Castello Branco, said the company is paying the price of past footage.

– Itapu

Brazilian Foreign and Mines and Energy (SA) ministries on Friday defended an agreement with Paraguay to negotiate energy from Itaipu Dam last week in the midst of a political crisis in a neighboring country.

The deal has sparked a dispute in Paraguay as it is considered to be Brazilian-friendly in Brazil, leading to threats of impeachment by President Mario Abdo. The Paraguayans then unilaterally decided to render the agreement ineffective in a position previously agreed with the Brazilian government.

According to the ministries, the agreement "seeks to close the historic gap in energy production from Itaipu" by Ande (Paraguay), seeking "to balance that link so that each country pays for the energy it actually consumes."

– brMalls

Shopping center operator brMalls has partnered with Mercado Livre to connect its online retail business as a step to strengthen its success strategy.

"We already have real estate, logistics and now this partnership is an extension of our business," BrMalls CEO Rui Kameyama told analysts at a second-quarter profit conference.

Under the terms of the agreement, customers will be able to buy products from stores in brMalls malls through the Free Market platform. The logistics will be carried out by the Delivery Center, which had a stake purchased from brMalls last year.

The deal currently involves only one of the brMalls projects, the Villa Lobos mall in Sao Paulo.


President Jair Bolsonaro travels to Pelotas (RS) on Monday to attend the BR-116 Freeway Ceremony (47 Km), visiting the BR-116 Construction Site and members of the 4th Army Group of Engineers in the afternoon. At the end of the day, back in Brazil, he meets with Hamilton Moreo, Vice President of the Republic.

Economy Minister Paulo Guedes participates in the early morning of the Seminar Declaration on the Rights of Economic Freedom – Parliamentary Debate 881/19.

In addition, he has meetings with:

– Secretaries of the Ministry of Economy;

– Lunch with the Special Secretaries;

– IRS Special Secretary, Marcos Sintra;

– Special Secretary for Foreign Trade and International Affairs, Marcos Troijo;

– Special Secretary for Welfare and Labor, Rogério Marinho;

– Special Secretary for Productivity, Employment and Competitiveness, Carlos Da Costa.

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