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Immortal Diablo intends to go beyond the PC experience on mobile devices

Mobile Blizzard Bet, Diablo Immortal does not want to be limited to previous experience in mobile PCs. The game was announced for Android and iOS in November last year.

According to developer president Allen Brack, smartphones do not require a title with the ability to attract all kinds of players. The company's goal is to attract the attention of those who do not play on this platform.

The CEO also said it would be a positive and authentic experience for the company's games that will be featured on the mobile phone. This is to create an adventurous thought about the features of mobile devices.

"I do not think it's a requirement to try to make each game and talk to each player. If you are not a mobile gamer – our goal is to make you try and take a chance, but every game will not be for everyone. The mobile device has its own platform similar to a console-like PC. If you think about the different games you have on the console, there is a very different taste in many games you have on the console than in hardcore games. It will be different. This will be a good, authentic experience for the Blizzard games we offer on this platform but does not try to copy the experience of the computer. "

Alan Brack

Chairman of Blizzard

Immortal Diablo for Android and iOS still has no release forecast. The intention is to start it when the company understands that it is already "ready".

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