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INSS: How to prove contribution time? Look at him!


The National Social Security Institute (INSS) is currently responsible for operationalizing the recognition of the rights of policyholders of the General Social Security Scheme – RGPS, which covers more than 50 million insured persons and approximately 33 million beneficiaries, according to a recent study.

Article 201 of the Federal Constitution of Brazil respects the RGPS organization, which has contributions and compulsory membership, and which responds to all INSS activities, while respecting government policies and strategies from top hierarchical bodies such as ministries. The company is currently affiliated with the Ministry of Economy.

The body was established on June 27, 1990 by Decree No. 99 350, following the merger of the Institute for Financial Management of Social Security and Social Assistance – IAPAS with the National Institute for Social Security – INPS, as an autarchy affiliated with the Ministry. of Social Security and Wealth – MPAS.

The information contained in the INSS database is valid for proving Social Security membership, contribution time and contribution pay, provided they do not contain any estimates of errors. If the taxpayer wishes to include, modify or delete information from this database, the citizen must submit the documents which will be listed below. The required documentation varies depending on the category to which the worker was associated at that time.

Employees / Unemployed

  • Professional Wallet (CP)
  • Job and Social Security Card (CTPS)
  • original or certified copy of the employee registration form or employee registration book, accompanied a statement provided by the company duly signed and identified by its responsible person
  • an original or a certified copy of the employee's card, book or schedule accompanied a statement provided by the company duly signed and identified by its responsible person
  • individual employment contract
  • a collective agreement, provided that it characterizes the worker by signing and proving his registration with the relevant Regional Labor Office – DRT
  • termination of contract or proof of receipt of FGTS
  • FGTS linked analytical statement for an account, stamped and signed by an employee of Caixa Econômica Federal, provided that the employer details, date of termination, date of termination, filing date and monetary recalculation, ie. data relating to the period where you want to prove
  • modern payment slips to the alleged fact, with the necessary identification of the employer and employee
  • other contemporary documents that can prove business with companies
  • Employer statement, in the case of a hired rural workerincludes: the qualification of the declarant, including the relevant CPF and INSS – CEI numbers or, as the case may be, the National Taxpayer Register – CNPJ, identification and full address of the taxpayer. rural property in which the services are provided, as well as the title on which the property is held, identification of the worker and indication of paid contributions, with the dates of commencement and termination of the provision of services and information on the existence of registration in books, salaries or other document proving the link
  • According to Art. 14-A of Law No. 5,889 of June 8, 1973, the proof of employment of village worker for a short timeof a temporary nature, may be made by means of a contract containing at least the following information: express authorization in a collective agreement or convention, identification of the farmer and the rural property where the work was carried out, and identification of the relevant registration and identification of the worker, with an indication of the respective NIT
  • In case of employed civil servant Pursuant to Act No 8.745 of 1993, in addition to the abovementioned documents proving the activity with the company, acts of appointment and dismissal may be submitted, demonstrating the exercise of the activity and the relationship with the RGPS or the statement of the board. Public who has hired him, containing at least: data on the employee's registration, registration and function, signature of the public agent responsible for issuing and indicating the position held in the public agency, period of work, indication of the law governing the provisional contract, description, number and date of the act of appointment, description, number and date of the act of dismissal, if any, and the statement explicitly stated in the body of the statement that the information has been provided on the basis of documentation in that body's documentation and that available we at INSS for consultation

Lonely worker

  • A contemporary document certifying the pursuit of the activity and remuneration as a self-employed person through the mediation of the labor authority (OGMO) or the grouping of the category, OR
  • OGMO certificate or category, provided that the certificate contains at least:
    • identification of the sole worker indicating the relevant ITN and whether or not a port;
    • identification of the employment intermediary;
    • identification of the service provider (s) and their remuneration to a service participant;
    • duration of work and condition in which it was provided in connection with the certified period; and
    • explicit statement in the text of the statement that the information was provided on the basis of documentation contained in that entity's archives and that it is available to INSS for reference.

a maid

  • Professional Wallet (CP)
  • Job and Social Security Card (CTPS)
    • CP or CTPS must include the CPF number of the employer as well as other information in the statement sheet and be accompanied by the corresponding INSS payments.
  • employment contract registered in due time
  • receipts for payments issued during the season
  • Information on the collection made at the appropriate time in CNIS, where it is possible to identify the local category through the collection code or category in the case of microfiche, provided that it is accompanied by the employer's declaration.

Individual contributor

Former self-employed persons, similar to self-employed and entrepreneurs, are included in this category.

  • Collectible microfiche contained in the INSS database
  • GR, GR1 and GR2 pickup guides
  • A contribution book
  • Individual Taxpayer Collection Guide (GRCI)
  • Social Security Download Guide (GRPS-3)
  • Social Security Guide (GPS)
  • service provider as of April 2003 evidence of the withdrawal of workers proving the remuneration resulting from their work; in the case of a businessman, proof of payment for the service provided, which includes full identification of the company, including CNPJ / CIS number, amount of compensation paid, deduction of the contribution made and registration number of the insured in RGPS; Individual Income Tax Return (IRPF) for the base year that is the subject of proof that can form a belief in the consideration received; or a statement provided by the company duly signed and identified by the responsible person, including full identification of the company, including CNPJ / CIS number, amount of compensation paid, deducted contribution and registration number of the insured. RGPS.

Optional contributor

This category also includes the former taxpayer and the same documents cited in the Individual Taxpayers category are valid with the exception of sections GR, GR1 and GR2 that are specific to this category.


Evidence of teacher activity can be provided by:

(a) CP or CTPS records, supplemented, where appropriate, by a statement of the establishment in which the activity is carried out, whenever this information is required, for the purposes of its characterization;

(b) CNIS information; or

c) Reciprocal CTC for the period in which it is linked to RPPS

Proof of teaching in the form of the above elements is sufficient to recognize the period spent for the purposes of teacher retirement if qualification is accepted.

Other situations

See also: other documents

The legislation also allows the submission of the following service / contribution reporting documents:

  • Reservist's certificate, provided he indicates the total time of compulsory military service;
  • Certificate issued by the Ministry of the Army, Navy or Air Force, provided that it indicates the overall length of service of the military service;
  • Participation time certificate issued by the federal government, states, state governments and municipalities, in accordance with MPS Ordinance 154/2008 for periods worked with payment to the agency's own retirement plan;
  • Apprenticeship student time
    • Student A time certificate issued by an apprenticeship company enrolled in vocational schools maintained by railway companies or a School Certificate in the case of a visit to an industrial or technical school, provided that: the establishment is recognized and maintained by a private initiative company the course is sponsored by him or the apprenticeship course in official or similar institutions is taught by agreement with the stakeholders;
    • Certificate of Attendance Time, in accordance with Regulation MPS 154/2008, when referring to attendance at industrial or technical schools on the federal network, as well as at schools equivalent or recognized in the case of state, county and municipal federations, subject to that at that time the federated entity maintained RPPS;
    • Certificate of school issued by the institution of education, in the case of attendance at industrial or technical schools on the federal network, as well as in schools equivalent or recognized in the case of state, county and municipal federal entities, provided that at this time, the federal entity does not support RPPS and must include the following information: a rule authorizing the institution's work so as to prove that the institution's work is authorized by the federal government under Art. 60 of Decree-Law No. 4 073 of 1942, the course attended, day, month and year from the beginning and end of the apprentice bond and the form of remuneration, even indirectly.

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