Wednesday , May 18 2022

Is it worth the new investment?


Have questions about RDB Investment Option issued by Nubank? Recently, the digital bank started offering the investment to NuConta Bank Receipt. With the new form, all money you invest in RDB will be protected by the Loan Guarantee Fund (FGC), insurance that will be used in the event of a problem with a financial institution as bankruptcy.

In this case, with Nubank RDB, FGC gives up to $ 250,000 in customer warranty. The mostBeyond this customer protection, the institution continues to guarantee NuConta's core strengths.

These are the 100% yield on the Interbank Deposit Certificate (CDI), which prevents your money from standing still and makes you earn more than your own savings, free movement and fixed taxes.

Still difficult to understand the conditions and whether the investment is worth it? See the following explanations for common customer questions:

What is RDB?

Receiving Bank Deposits (RDBs) is a type of investment that is directly linked to CDI. These are private-equity, private-equity securities issued by commercial banks, credit unions, financing companies and low-risk companies.

RDB works like this: You borrow your CDI income from an institution and repay it with interest, almost as a loan.

Therefore, the client will lose this money completely only if the company making the loan goes bankrupt. However, here comes the Credit Guarantee Fund, which guarantees up to R $ 250,000 to consumers in the event of this loss.

What is FGC?

The Loan Guarantee Fund (FGC) is an institution that protects clients' money in the event of a bank problem.

As this is a non-profit creation that is used as insurance for both institutions and clients, there is no fee or payment for the services provided.

As stated before, in the event that something happens to Nubank, each user reimburses everything that was applied in the RBD to $ 250,000. The important thing is that the higher amount will not be offset by the financial.

Where the money deposited in RBD goes

All of the money deposited with NuConta will be shown to you as a balance, whether it be deposits, government bonds or RBD applications. You have the ability to track the performance of these applications. In addition, money is available for you to use at any time.

How to activate NuConta RBD on your mobile phone

It is worth mentioning that you have full power to choose whether you want to invest your money in RBD. If you wish, you should click on the option "Set up NuAccount" and then go to "Deposit options". A screen will appear explaining what it is, how it works and what it is intended for. After you read it, just click "I want to activate." And that's it!

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