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Jair explained the boy on the side of Corinth: & # 39; He asked permission & # 39;

From the news of Corinthians for the classic match against Sao Paulo this Saturday, the most striking was the inclusion of Carlos left back at Danilo Avelar's place. At 19, the side was one of the youngest of the players and received support from coach Jair Ventura before Majestic. On Friday, Jair explained the change and said that Carlos was asking for permission.

Carlos Augusto, Corinthians (Photo: Photo: Daniel Augusto Jr / Ag. Corinthians)

Carlos Augusto, Corinthians (Photo: Photo: Daniel Augusto Jr / Ag. Corinthians)

Photo: LANCE!

– He trained well, and this past week, I gave him to play against Sao Paulo, and he did very well in the game, making the game play. Let's ask for a way and you will have a chance. A player who is a member of the Selecao club so he can play a great game and we can win the match, "said Jair, who still praised the child's characteristics.

– Corinth is famous for the balance of the two sides, this is Alessandro, Fábio Santos, who is the world champion. He is a balanced player. He is not an offensive remark, he is good, he is strong, "he said.

Jair even said that he had spoken to Danilo Avelar before taking him out. The side came from France and were loaned until mid-next year, and are being contested by fans.

"I just don't talk when I'm on the team, giving good news doesn't have to be. But every time I shoot, sit and talk, especially when I have a sequel. I'm not the master of reason, and I always talk. The conversation is very good. , he was disturbed by the situation, and would increase. He would turn it over, rotate, he was still in adjustment. Many players were still in the process. We didn't cover it, because Carlos had gone to Selecao. Let's rely on him, it turns out it's a healthy fight, "he said.

In this interview Friday, Jair discussed other themes, such as classic details. See some quotes:

Is São Paulo a favorite?
Classic. If you look at the table, São Paulo is at the top, we are in the middle. But I think when it starts to balance, it has our fan power, full house as usual, and decided in detail. We need to be careful, because we incur a lot of costs. I only train soccer today. This is not a lack of work, training, but less concentration.

Classic details
Many of the goals of the parachute showed that it was difficult to score the goal post, our defense had gone well in this case, but we were shaky in the stands.Taboo against São Paulo
Greater responsibility. There were three matches, we played in the Brazilian Cup final. We have to increase the amount, we will try to improve.

Do you feel threatened?
All coaches in the world are not guaranteed by 2019. I would be more worried if he said he was prestigious. Because when you talk about it, or it falls on the same day, or a few hours later. He told the truth, got the results. Andrés is always here, he is sincere, he is telling the truth. He sees day by day, has feedback from our work. The numbers are not good, but the work is at the beginning, we know the difficulties, we don't run from responsibility, the numbers are low, yes, but it works.

Do you think you should be judged by results?
That's part of the coach's life, there is no justice. If he has, he will have many different things. This is not up to me, it's up to the judge. It's up to me to do my job better, to win.

Classic victory ends the bad phase?
Winning in football is a must. That's not calm, you're relieved. It won't win to win the classic and doesn't work well in other games. You have to walk well day after day, playing with the game. This is Corinthians. I prepared to go through that moment.


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