Monday , July 26 2021

Joinville General Hospital opens with 141 beds | Loetz

Jovil's General Hospital, of the Hapvida group, headquartered in Fortaleza (Ceara), was opened this Thursday in Itaiópolis, América. The R $ 120 million trend is part of a wide range of investments made this year in the country by the business group at a total of R $ 200 million. The service has begun.

The first two business deals are with Whirlpool and Embraco. Joining the two companies already guarantees 20,000 lives, which will be managed by the group with their own health plan and with their own hospital in the most densely populated and wealthy municipality of Santa Catarina. Jonville is the entrance to Cape Town in the southern part of the country. There are plans for growth for other cities in Santa Catarina.

The Joinville facility is built on 20,000 m² and eight floors, with the possibility of serving from simple to high complexity – including oncology, with chemotherapy.

One of the differences is the electronic patient recording system, fully integrated into the HapVida national network. Patients have a biometric system, a pioneer among healthcare providers.

There are two floors of hospitalization, a field of image research; OIT for newborn, pediatric and adult; surgical center with five rooms; laboratory; urgent emergency help. It has 141 beds. 400 jobs were created, of which 120 were doctors. All rooms have only two beds.

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