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Jojo Todynho runs five days after surgery and says I do not think about sex Famous and television


Seo Paulo (FOLHAPRESS) – Five days after she underwent a plastic surgery on her chest, 22-year-old Yojo Tudino went up to the fashion stage of Sao Paulo Fashion Week on Wednesday (24) to make a donation for Donna De Susanna Pires, who made a body collection in partnership with Amir Slam.

The singer entered the fashion stage at the end of the show with a black body and a skirt of the same color. After a 16kg weight loss in just two months, Jojo Todynho underwent plastic surgery on his chest to remove 1.8kg of fat from each breast and replace it with silicone dentures.

She said she had the doctor's permission to travel from Rio to Sao Paulo. – I'm certified, all sweet, I feel [de estar na SPFW]"She said she did not feel pain from surgery, but from the inconvenience of sitting." This is terrible. I have a lot of back pain.

She said she always likes to have big breasts, but she's angry because with weight loss they fall. "I never imagined that one day in my life there would be a lack of self-confidence and I had when my breasts surrendered because my breasts are all, people do not understand that I do not have height, I am 1.48 m. – Jojo Todinho's chest.

The painter said the doctor had warned her that the surgery was risky. "It was six hours," he said. The withdrawn part is for analysis, but nothing is found in it. "There is no tumor, nothing, everything is clean," he said.

After the parade, the singer said she did not even think of sex now because she was in a lot of pain. "When you are released, I will give you everything I have. She says she has always been accepted, whether it is weak or fat.

"Empowerment and acceptance have nothing to do with the body, be thin or thick, I will continue to be what I am." She said she had had psychological counseling since her childhood and that her family always taught her to be valued. "You must be the one you are," he said.

The singer commented on the situation of the digital influent Windingson Nunes, who is depressed. "It brings joy to so many people, but people do not know behind the scenes. People only know how to kick, attack, but do not know about your interior. […] there is a time in which we need to be selfish, treat ourselves first and then deal with the problem of the other. "

In addition, other celebrities also participated in Amir Slam's parade, as did the couple Carlinhoes Maya and Lucas Guimaraes, and the actress Samantha Schmuck. Susanna Pires opened the presentation with a beige body of her brand.

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