Monday , October 18 2021

Livia Andrade for Life with Mara Maravilha: Adapt


On Monday night (5), Livia Andrade was interviewed by Fama TV and talked about returning to live with Mara Maravila, who returned to Gossip after being away for a while.

She opened the game and said everything was behind the scenes. "I'm adapting. The audience can see, I'm there to work. The same way she was brought back to this family, I joined when she was. I'm happy, it's a pleasure to work there. When you take on the challenge, we have to be professionals, "she said.

In addition to Mara, who has had some sparkly exchanges, Livia is also in the midst of a hurricane regarding her friendship with journalist Leo Diaz.

She uses the moment to put an end to numerous speculations about what happened to their relationship.

"Guys, please stop trying to find a guilty or guilty person! Don't you understand that no one is healed this way? Don't blame him, get support, he needs a doctor! I still haven't said anything because I know there is a serious problem, not an evil, "she said.

In the gossip program itself, she had already given the message to Leo Diaz. "I'm not struggling and I'm tired of hearing this! He did not come today, did not come up, and for the first time this did not happen. I hate giving satisfaction to my life, imagining satisfaction from the lives of others. I have no younger and incapacitated children, eh!

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