Friday , August 19 2022

Luciano Shafir posted a photo with Sasha and Beth Shafir left a comment


Luciano Shafir, Beth Shafir and Sasha (Photo: Play / Instagram)

Luciano Shafir spent Father's Day this Sunday (11) with his daughter Sasha, from his relationship with Xuksa and younger children, David and Michael. However, Grandma's comment, Beth Shafir, it caught my attention. This is because she has already stated that she is not close to her granddaughter.

In the click where the three children and the actor appear, he wrote: "The heart is bursting with joy." Even after the quarrel, Beth commented:Happy Father's Day, beautiful son !! ", she said, who also enjoyed the photo.

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In the family reality show, The Safirs, both Beth and Luciano, were forbidden to name the fashion student. Recently, social has challenged itself by liking offensive comments about Sasha on social media.

Until last year, Beth said her relationship with her granddaughter was great. "My relationship with Sasha is great. However, it is not very available. Before she was in New York, she lived in Rio and I Sao Paulo. I love all my grandchildren, but she does not have the same presence as those who live here in Sao Paulo".

Beth Shafir comments on a photo of Luciano Shafir and Sasha (Photo: Play / Instagram)

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