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Luciele Di Camargo clarifies the sad face of Francisco Camargo for his birthday

Sister Zezé Di Camargo clarifies the sad expression of her father on her birthday

After publishing a photo of the entire family on her father's birthday, Lucille Di Camargo received several questions on her social network.

In addition to the interrogations, some unpleasant comments about the possible sadness of Francisco Di Camargo were made in the publication of the actress at Instagram.

That is why Zeze di Camargo and Luciano's sister shared a very detailed explanation on Friday 17.

Then Lucille clearly made it clear that the father who had chosen to have a party on the exact day of his birthday could not be present. "They were the ones who had to be who could be and which God allowed them to be," he said.

And he clarified the comments of Francis' sad look. "Well, my father was radiant, he was happy, and even a little twitch, I admit the night before he did not sleep so worrying about the celebration that he himself was organizing and inviting people. he, though very good, is still a little fragile health, will even undergo a minor surgery on Saturday, "he said for his health.

Finally, Denylson's wife was terrified of the word "goodbye" she wrote in her post. "My people, we are every thousandth of a second to say goodbye, every minute that passes is less time, we do not win years, we waste time!" And you, who see only the bad side of life, are losing time to take advantage of the miracle of life to appreciate the worst, "she said.

Then Luciela continued to write more texts and even made another post to thank the good energy sent to her and her father.

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