Thursday , July 29 2021

Ma Long wins Ugo Calderano and advances to the quarterfinals of the World Cup in table tennis in Budapest table tennis

Ugo Calderano's walk to the World Cup is over. This Thursday, the Brazilian had a great challenge. He faced Chinese world champion Ma Long, a two-time world champion and Olympic champion in the last 16, and was ranked in Budapest, Hungary. Although victory came out, the kariokata was later dominated by the opponent and fell with 4 sets on 1, partly on 8/11, 11/8, 11/1, 11/3 and 11/8.

In the quarterfinals, Ma Long will confront compatriot Gaoyuan Lin, who defeated South Korea's youngster Youngghik with 4: 0. The match will be this Friday morning, probably at 7am (Brazil).

Hugo's trajectory made him compare the numbers of two Brazilian table tennis legends, Ubiraci Rodrigues da Costa, Biriba and Cláudio Kano, who also went to the World Eight. In 1961 in Beijing, with Biriba, and in 1987 in New Delhi, India, with Kano. Hugo is a Pan-American champion and runner-up for Qatar Open in his career.

Calderano made his best career in the World Cup. Seventh in the rankings, he is 22 years old and plays for an adult tournament for the fourth time. In the first, he was eliminated in the debut (2013), two years later he managed to win a game and in 2017 stopped in the third phase. Now she has reached the last 16.

Ma Long wakes up in the second set and wins

Calderano made his first concentration. He missed a bit, relied on Ma Long's failures, and was always in front of him. With the set and from 7 to 7, the Brazilian received important balls with great effect and thus opened 10 to 8. Pulling, close the set in 11 to 8, leaving the front.

The second set repeated the scenario of the first. With great balance. But Calderano missed more than originally. And the Chinese, concentrating, managed to win from 11 to 8 and tie the match despite Brazilian backcountry.

The third set was a tour of the Chinese, which showed its old form. Calderano was not found from the start and the rival opened 5 to 0. Wrong, Hugo failed to balance and practically gave up the set, losing 11 to 1 and took the turn to 2 x 1 in the set. The fifth set was a repeat. Calderano could not think of a way to cope with the opponent's pressure and lost 11 to 3, seeing the game run 3 in 1 in sets. In the fifth set the Brazilian again reached balance but was defeated by 11 to 8 and 4 sets to 1.

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