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Manchester United defeats Chelsea in the Premier League first class – 11/08/2019


There is no better Manchester United debuting in the Premier League in 2019/20. And it couldn't be worse for Chelsea. In the first classic of the most prestigious national football championship in the world, Red devils runs over blouse 4-0 at Old Trafford in Manchester.

The route was built by Marcus Rushford, who scored two of his four red goals. Martial and James made other attempts. Pogba stood out with two assists.

With a resilient result, United jumps into second place on the tiebreaker criteria. Chelsea, on the other hand, finished the first round in the vice lantern.

United will now have seven days to prepare for the next challenge scheduled for Monday 19th against Wolverhampton for the second round of the Premier League.

Chelsea have a tighter schedule. on blouse they are back on the pitch Wednesday in a national classic against Liverpool for the UEFA Super Cup. On Sunday, Lampard's men return to the Premier League, facing Leicester for the second round.

Best in the field: Rushford

The 21-year-old showed why he is the tenth T-shirt of Manchester United. Marcus Rushford fired a penalty, delivered a counterattack to one of the goals, scored two more and could still seal his official debut of the season with a hat trick without disarming his opponent's defense. The promise promises!

Worst field: Zuma

The French defender, who has been boosting Chelsea this season after playing in the Premier League loan season with Everton, has hardly started the 2019/20 tournament. In just 15 minutes, he made two serious mistakes: he gave an assist to Martial who simply failed to open the shot and sent a penalty to Rushford, who then shook the net for United.


Manchester United: Surgical and Goalie

The team, whose main signature for the season was a will, couldn't boast of anything but defensive efficiency. Combined with four surgical goals up front … Better yet!

Led by Maguire, the world's most expensive defender Red devils virtually nullified Chelsea's attacks, which bothered De Gea almost always with medium and long range hits.

By alternating moments of offensive pressure with others from a "controlled" retreat, Ole Solskjaer United proved effective in converting his best chances – a penalty by Rushford and three successfully counter-attacked by Martial, Rushford himself and still by James.

Chelsea: Hit the mail (literally)

With a warning on 2019/20 due to the inability to hire backers in the last transfer window, Chelsea at Lampard could, indeed, leave the first round of the Premier League with an extremely positive result. The victory at home to one of the main rivals in what was the first classics of the championship, however, did not come.

These were two balls in the publication that could change the course of the match: the first, when the score was still 0-0; the second when United won just 1-0.

If De Gea's goalies cost Chelsea goals, the defense son the accumulated mistakes they made deserved the disastrous end result.

Game History

The first English classic of the new season started off quite busy and open. Although playing away from home, Lampard's Chelsea was most organized in the first place, hitting De Gea's crossbar three minutes later on a strike from Abraham.

Slowly Manchester United approached Cap's goal and soon introduced themselves to Old Trafford's fans: Zuma missed Christensen's strange pass and gave Martial a weak gift but demanded a good save from the keeper. son,

In this "take it, come on," it was United who boasted efficiency. Rushford penetrated a large area and was taken down by Zuma. The young shirt itself placed the ball in a linden tree and struck with a beautiful kick high in the right corner of Kepa. The goalkeeper came out of the picture but did not interfere with the goal.

Chelsea grew in the match. And he was on top in the first half with a second ball on the beam. In the middle of a blitz from blouse In the attack, the Brazilian naturalized Italian Emerson Palmieri, released on the left, drops a bomb that will explode into De Gea's right stick.

As with the opening round, the last 45 minutes were a lot of rushing and a chance for both teams. Manchester United started with that lightning war, but the first big defense came from De Gea after a strike from the Emerson Palmieri area.

If you don't take it … United were surgical in two virtually consecutive counter-attacks to kill the game: in the 19th minute, Rushford fired from the side of the field and linked the defense to the attack in a move that would end the cross. Belgian naturalizes Brazilian Andreas Pereira for goal and combat; Rushford himself will make the third of the Red Devils in 21 minutes after mastering Paul Pogba's masterful edition.

There will still be time for the fourth goal. Pogba set the tables apart as they pulled away and tied James face to face with Cap. The boy, who entered the second half, did not hesitate and closed the coffin to defeat United.

Technical data sheet

Manchester United 4 x 0 Chelsea

date: August 11, 2019, Sunday
time: 12:30 PM (From Brazil)
place: Old Trafford, Manchester (ING)
competition: Premier League, Round 1
judge: Anthony Taylor
assistants: Gary Bezwick and Adam Nan
VAR: Stuart

Yellow cards: Lingard and Lindelof (Manchester United); Zuma, Abraham, Jorginho and Kant (Chelsea).

GOALS: Rushford, 16 & # 39; 1st half; Bout on 19 & # 39 ;, Rushford on 21 & # 39 ;, and James on 35 & # 39; in the second half.

Manchester United: From Gea; Van Bissaka, Lindelof, Maguire and Shaw; Mctominay, Pogba, Andreas Pereira (James), Lingard (Mata) and Rashford (Greenwood); Martial. technical: Ole Gunnar Solskjaer.

Chelsea: Arrizabalaga; Azpilicueta, Zouma, Christensen and Emerson; Kovacic, Georgio (Cante), Mount, Barkley (Pulisic) and Pedro; Abraham (Girud). technical: Frank Lampard

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