Tuesday , March 21 2023

Mega-Sena is accumulating for the second time in a row and will pay $ 9 million


No one hit the six dozen competition 2178 on Mega-Senaprepared on a Saturday night in the city Sao Paulo, The award that was on $ 5 millionaccumulated by for the second time and now you can pay $ 9 million in the next draw on Wednesday (14).

on dozens downloaded They are:

02 – 16 – 21 – 42 – 50 – 56

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According to Federal Savings Bank, 25 bets are in the corner and will take $ 63,031.11 every one of them. The court had 2 304 winning bets to receive $ 977.04 every one of them. The overall collection is over $ 27 million,

The last hit of the Mega-Sena won the draw on August 6 and won the prize R $ 30 million,

Anyone wishing to raise $ 9 million in the next contest can place bets by 7pm (Brazil) on the day of the next draw every lottery in the country, The minimum bet of 6 numbers is worth $ 3.50The more you dial, the higher the price of the bet and more chances to invoice the most coveted prize in Brazil,

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