Tuesday , March 21 2023

More Cuban Doctors and Doctors in Brazil, Bolsonaro Differences


During a traditional Thursday live, President Jair Bolsonaro commented on the launch of a new project aimed at providing health care in undervalued areas of Brazil. "It ended with more Cuban doctors. They themselves broke the treaty and left the service here because they would be captured, many of them Cuban agents and military, sending $ 1 billion a year to the Cuban dictatorship. The President recalled that in the morning the Ministry of Health launched the Doctors for Brazil program.

Bolsonaro uses the webcast to enhance some of the features of the new project. "This is exclusively for Brazilian entrants. There are 13,000 vacancies, starting with $ 13,000 in salaries and location-based majors, such as a local reserve, hard-to-reach and unhealthy places. And 55% of the vacancies are for the Northeast. In the PT program, proportionally, the largest number of job vacancies was in Sao Paulo, "he said. He said the aim was" to serve the most deprived. "Understand the differences between the Mais Médicos program and the doctors in Brazil.

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