Tuesday , September 28 2021

Mothers of boys are more likely to experience postpartum depression

One new study found that mothers of boys reached 79 percent more likely to experience postpartum depression. After assessing cases from 296 women, researchers Sarah Johns and Sarah Myers from the School of Anthropology and Conservation at the University of Kent in the UK also found that women with complications at birth were at greater risk (174%) than they had no problem.

The explanation for this is that many risk factors for depressive symptoms are associated with activation of the inflammatory pathway, the response of the immune system – which can be observed in these two cases.

baby mother postpartum depression Image Source / Folhapress

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Other risk factors

Medication already understands that women who are vulnerable to depression, anxiety, and stress are more likely to develop postpartum depression. However, what can be verified by the researchers is that this risk decreases in the case of pregnant women who experience complications during labor.

Although it may seem controversial, this can be explained by the increased support and attention of families and people close to the woman. When he feels that his concerns are valued and respected, the tendency is that the disease does not arise.

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