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NASA unveils unprecedented panoramas on the Moon

NASA publishes unpublished panoramic images celebrating the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11, which took the first Moon men captured during the Apollo 17 expedition, celebrating the 12 people who had the opportunity to visit the natural satellite.

Some image changes were made to evaluate the quality of the definition. For example, experts have edited the moon horizon, leaving the background without stars. Also, the phenomena of the "lens," which occur when the light that enters the end of the lens is scattered. The effect causes some bright spots, very common in cinema.

According to Harrison, Jack Schmitt, the only geologist in Apollo 17, the site known as the "Taurus-Litro Valley", is one of the most beautiful landscapes in the Solar System.

apollo 17Authenticity of the pictures was checked by astronaut Schmidt. (Source: NASA / Press)Source: flickr

In addition to panoramic recordings, it was published on Facebook from the Johnson Space Center at NASA is an interactive 360-degree image of the moon to provide a diving experience.

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