Tuesday , July 27 2021

"No one has explained what the new policy is," says Maya's policy

House Speaker Rodrigo Maya (DEM-RJ) said on Wednesday (24) that "no one has explained what the new policy is" and criticizes Parliament's association with "old politics".

"This is taken when Parliament looks at the government, but is it not taken when the government wants to choose the pension reform rapporteur?" Asked Maya in an interview with Central GloboNews.

He criticized the view that "when [a influência] is in the hall, no problem. "When he's in the government, is old politics?" – said the President of Parliament.

"The government has an interest in influencing the choice of the rapporteur and is legitimate," Maya said. – And everyone with a daily agenda wants to run together. There is nothing wrong with this.

For the mayor you have to be careful not to watch parliamentarians as a villain. "What's old and what's new? Nobody has explained what's new, I know what's right and what's wrong."

Maia said it could not criminalize any kind of political indications in the government. "This can not turn a party's participation in the government into a crime that is not," said the mayor, pointing to the example of the number of military in the government.

"The other day I went to the military command and no longer in common, they are all in the government," he joked. "This is not an old or new policy, they are high-quality cadres." Now why can not the politician be high-quality cadres and take part in the government?

For Maya, one can not "turn any kind of dialogue, any kind of articulation into a problem, into a crime." "Of course, there is a crime that has a deceptive appointment, appointment in exchange for a service," he said. "But this can not be the rule, and it can not even be the government's concern."

The mayor said that "the government should understand the agenda." "What is the agenda of the government?" I ask, "What is the government's agenda for education?" "I do not know what it is so far.

By questioning the lack of a program, Maya points to the example of her party, which has several ministers in the bolson administration: "DEM has three politicians called and not part of the government. this agenda of the government so that we can be aware that we say "I want to be a part."

House President, Rodrigo Maya (DEM-RJ), interviewed at Central GloboNews - Photo: Play / GloboNewsHouse President, Rodrigo Maya (DEM-RJ), interviewed at Central GloboNews - Photo: Play / GloboNews

House President, Rodrigo Maya (DEM-RJ), interviewed at Central GloboNews – Photo: Play / GloboNews

During the interview Maya expressed her opinion on the new policy. "The new policy is that Brazil has a democratic system very similar to the major democracies in which the power of Parliament is an effective power."

He cites the United States, where a joint commission composed of House and Senate parliamentarians decides and takes over the budget of the US government. "Maybe one day we can give this power to the Brazilian Parliament.

Rodrigo Maya said he was sure that social security reform would be approved in the hall, but he avoided designing what the economy would be (the government-sent project envisages an economy of $ 1.16 trillion in ten years).

He also said that the changes in BOD and retirement in rural areas should not be approved and it would be very difficult to create the capitalization regime provided by Economy Minister Paulo Guedees.

"Capitalization will have to explain very well, and the capitalization price is also very high, R $ 400 billion for ten years," Maya said. – What model is that? Net capitalization? Zero pass possibility.

The mayor said there are more people today in favor of the reform, "but it is not yet the majority". He said the government "was silent at the beginning" of the procedure, but constantly spoke with Oikis Lorenzoni, the Minister of the House of Commons. "Things are moving, things are getting better."

Maya was questioned about her relationship with the president and whether she was better or worse than ever before, when both were deputies. "I do not have a good relationship with him, but that's not important to me," he said.

The mayor also said he was not close to Bolsonaroo, but he stressed that this would not affect the implementation of social security and other projects in the hall. "He will be able to rely on me in social security and other reforms."

Asked to file an Immigration petition against Hamilton Murao, Vice-President of the Republic, Maya said that "Parliament does not want to participate in this conflict."

"What I understand today is that there is a conflict in the government that is obvious, there is no one to hide, and Parliament does not want to participate in this conflict," the mayor said. "I leave a request for impeachment, which has no legal ground suspended in my drawer, may be a signal that I want to be part of this photo exchange."

Maya said that "this fight is not mine" and that "I do not find it interesting to keep my request for an obstacle in my drawer." "I think it is good to deny and signal: look, if you have conflicts – which I think is a bad conflict, because that is the President of Brazil or his surroundings and the Vice President – Parliament does not want to participate in this conflict. the question in the room is closed. "

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