Friday , December 3 2021

Nubank serves all municipalities in the country; learn how to open an account


The most NuConta This is a payment account that has no annual fee or maintenance fee. Your income is greater than your daily and automatic savings. The service offers free and unlimited transfers to any bank.

Yes I have NuConta No need to go through any kind of credit analysis. The institution does only cadastral analysis. In addition, the only restrictions are: be at least 18 years old, live in Brazil and have a smartphone compatible with Android or iOS apps.

The account has no annuity. That is, you pay nothing to transfer your money to any bank or make a bank deposit. You also do not have a fee to activate or receive a debit card.

In addition, customers can use the Banco24Horas networks and download and payment to download. Each download will have a fee of R $ 6.50 related to the institution's cost of using these external networks.

In addition to having daily, automatic and superior savings, NuConta is a low-risk application. NuConta is a modality of account called "Billing Account". In this account regime, deposited money is separated from Nubank's equity.

The amount can only be used for federal government bond applications. That is, this money cannot be borrowed to third parties or invested in risky investments, for example. Therefore, the risk with NuConta is similar to that of the Treasury Direct application.

For more information, interested parties can access Nubank's website and you know more details.

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