Tuesday , June 15 2021

Palmeiras announces the women's team in partnership with Vinhedo-SP and finally visits Conmebol

Mostly, Palm trees announced on Tuesday that there would be a female team in partnership with the Vinhedo prefecture (84 km from São Paulo) – is expected by ESPN last December,

The alviverde team will have athletes who have missed the Brazilian team and will be trained by experienced Lucius Gonzalves, a licensed A, B and C license from the CBF (Brazilian Football Confederation) and a huge history of name revelations for the base. the main one.

Ex-Ponte Preta, Anna Lucia is a graduate in physiology of Unifesp exercises and Unicamp sports training.

The partnership will be officially presented on Wednesday in a group of the Football Academy in the presence of Alexander Matos, director of professional football of Palmeiras, Alberto Simau, team manager, Jaime Cruz, Mayor of Vinade and Anna Luciana Gonçalves.

The team started training on Thursday and hosted their games for Campeonato Paulista and Serie A2 to Brazilian at the Nelo Brakalenté Stadium in Vinhedo.

Thus, Verdão now complies with the Conmebol (South American Football Confederation) requirement, which orders every team involved in South Africa there must be a female team.

Ana Lúcia Gonçalves during the CBF course in December 2017 Press releases

Women's Palmeiras History

Palmeiras Women's Football was introduced in 1997, and the club is one of the pioneers in the practice and popularization of sport. Since then, Verdão has developed some partnerships with the municipalities of São Paulo, such as São Bernardo to Campo (2005-2006), Salto (2008), Bauru (2012), and Vindeto (2019).

The main achievement of the women's team was the 2001 Paulista Championship, after winning Matonense in the 1-to-1 decision. The previous year the team hit the board in the state before the Portuguese. At national level, Alviverde gained a Brazilian victory championship in 1999.

Names like Maravilha, Tania Maranhao, Elaine, Cidinha, Robertinha, Gisele Priscila, Sissi, Nilda, Formiga and Michele had important passages in the Palmeiras team and the Brazilian national team, as well as coach Filpo Nuñez, who also coached the club's first academy .


Brazilian Vice Head: 1999
Sao Paulo Championship: 2001
Regional Games: 2005, 2008 and 2010

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