Thursday , July 29 2021

Pedro Guimaraes accepts an invitation to chair the Federal Savings Bank

Economist Pedro Guimaraes, a partner at the Brazilian investment bank Plural, has accepted the invitation of future Economy Minister Paulo Guedees to lead the Federal Savings Bank, BroadcastsInitially, he was invited to chair the state bank or take over the Privatization Secretariat to be set up under the administration of Bolsonaro but would decide Caixa yesterday. He wished, Guimaraes did not comment.

Late afternoon, questioned about the name of the state bank economist, Guedees told reporters he was not tuned.

Guimaraes is a privatization specialist and works at BTG Pactual even when the future Minister of the Economy was a member of the investment bank. He is one of the financial market leaders who are part of the volunteer group in Brazil to help with the transition of the new government. In the team, he is one of those responsible for raising the state, which can be sold to Bolsonaro. Banco Brasil Plural and Bank of America Merrill Lynch recently made a study indicating that the government could raise $ 500 billion to $ 800 billion by selling state-owned companies alone.

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