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Police identify a woman who pushed the dancer of the group La Fúria – Jornal CORREIO

Jaapa was hospitalized at the municipal hospital in Salvador (Photo: Reproduction / Instagram)

The police have already identified the woman who would have pushed the dancer from La Furia's paging group, Elizabeth Gonzalez, known as Jaapa. The crime occurred on Tuesday evening (16), in the Itapuã district, in Salvador, and the victim was enrolled on Sunday (21). The name of the woman suspected of murder is not revealed.

According to the Chief of the 12th Police Department (Itapuã), Nilton Tormes, the investigators have discovered and led the suspicion in the police station on Monday (22).

But she retained the right to remain silent. I asked the questions, but she did not answer. He did not report the cause of the crime "said the delegate.

Suspicion responds to the case as a whole. Thormes said neither the victim nor her relatives had asked the police to file a complaint but the police had decided to open an investigation. The dancer will be heard over the next few days.

The municipal health service said it had received a high Sunday municipal hospital in Salvador. Jaffa was hit in the back and has since been hospitalized.

Jaapa writes a video over the weekend, claiming she was the victim of the ex-wife of a man she's been dealing with. The dancer also said she was threatened by her and her friends on social networks.

See the dancer's statement entirely:

– Hello, my love, I apologize for the delay in my pronouncement because of what happened, but I'm honest here, being faithful to all of you who deserve my answer, I get many questions, criticism, by the way.

First of all, I want to thank you for your prayers, which God has heard. Thanks to my good God, I have a good recovery and now I can write this video for you.

Because of the rumors that happen, they say I came to talk to you about the reality of what happened.

I was on a birthday party last week when I was among friends / acquaintances. And I met this man. First we had normal contact when two people met on a regular party. There was no intimacy.

But from this party, we decided to meet in another place to drink, talk and stuff like that. We left Monday, drank, spent the afternoon drinking among friends. When he arrived on Monday, we went to his house. And on Tuesday morning it happened. [as facadas],

He had told me he was an unobstructed person. I even have conversations, I have prints, his voice does exactly what I'm saying here. [Ele dizia que] is an unobstructed person, a person who has actually completed a recent quarterly relationship.

So I thought I was single and he was alone, I did not see anything, we went together and we were drinking together.

On Tuesday, on the day of the event, in the morning around 8:30 am This man, this individual [mulher, que segundo a dançarina se dizia namorada do rapaz] arrived had already hit me and stabbed me in the back, I drew my hair and called me "talarika".

[Ela ficava] saying I knew she had a girlfriend and other things. But I did not know. And he constantly speaks in all our conversations that there is no woman and no connection.

He said he's just done [o namoro] and that it is no longer connected. He showed me his and her conversations, he ended up with her.

So I came to clarify this. I'm not stealing a friend. I'm not a "talarik" because "talarica" ​​is also when women who have friendship with others who take the boyfriend of the other. And I do not know her. Neither did he know him. I met him at this party. We met only twice. The first time was nothing. The second we went out to drink and it happened there.

I come to thank everyone for the prayers, the beautiful messages I have received. And to ask mercy from all the people who wanted my death. I forgive everyone. I also forgive her. I know everyone has their own reasons. But accepting the life of the other has no reason at all. Let God bless one another and have a good night.

Civilian police were in the house where the crime was committed and inspected Thursday (18). The results report should take at least 30 days.

The La Fúria Group has published a statement on social networks that regrets what has happened and says it should help and hope for the restoration of dancers. Check it out:

Note issued by the La Fúria Group (Photo: Play)

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