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Quina result: see the numbers drawn this Thursday (04/23)

In fact, the Quina score was reported on April 25th on Thursday, and the day's draw was rewarding the amount of R $ 3 million that should be given to bettors who had all 5 successes at the draw. performs. The performance took place at the Caixa Lottery Space, which is located in Sao Paulo, and the lottery is obviously executed at 20:00. Through the administration of the bank itself.

Check out the results of Quina's downloaded dozens this Tuesday (23/04)

result 01 – 13 – 36 – 41 – 71

For the Kwina lot

Quina result: see the numbers drawn this Thursday (04/23)

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The result of Quina has brought more winning bettors or not, in fact this is a very competitive lottery and all that, because it is the most prize for its bettors after all their raffles happen from Monday to Saturday.

To play first in Quina, players need to follow some rules, they have to prove that they are 18 years or older, this is the original rule. The second rule is to buy leaflets to stay inside and be able to bet on this lottery.

Quina leaves without exception consist of 80 numbers, so bettors at the time of purchase can choose from 5 to 15 numbers to leave the bet correctly. The higher the number of numbers purchased, the prices are rising, but the most recent bet in this lottery is currently 5 numbers that cost $ 1.50.

As far as Quina leaflets sales are concerned, the employees are the bank branches and even directly in the lottery, when buying in these places the player is able to protect themselves from incurring losses due to fake flyers. In addition, Caixa has provided an online betting platform to participate, just go to the institution's online portal.

Drawings are always played at 8:00 and bets are accepted until 19:00!

Results of the conference

The result of Quina can be checked here on this site, on the day of the lottery, after the withdrawals, from 20 hours onwards!

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