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Review of past days – Voxel

When announced on E3 2016, Days Gone even drew attention: putting the player in front of the zombie hordes in a post-apocalyptic setting is not quite unheard of, but there is still room for good ideas within what the survival genre requires.

Not long after the game began to be surrounded by the pursuit of the clan in which a single question in the head of the players: "Another Zombie Game?" I asked another day, but preserving the spirit of "bong" vivant, the French expression that characterizes a person to enjoy the pleasures of life.

In general, this is what the games offer to all of us, right? After postponing more than once, Days Gone went back and forth in this cradle of expectations and suspicions from fans who eventually received a "goat" of the game. When the product takes too much time to leave and above all it presents a theme used in the entertainment industry.

It is in this context that "Days gone by," signed by the same team of the late siphon filter, at any time seeks to show that he was born to supplement this garment rather than disperse it. Let's look at the details.

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An unknown history

The first remarkable aspect of Day is its objectivity with regard to history. It does not fill a sausage with cinematic lengths and dialogues filled with blah blah blah in which energy and coffee are needed for gambling. In the numerous analyzes we publish here, it is common to resort to taurine chemists to maintain minimal sobriety until late at night.

The Bend Studio title puts you in the epicenter of a pandemic that has devastated the world two years after the outbreak. That is all. Of course, during the trip, the player will want to find answers to everything that has happened, but the dish offered here goes straight to the filler: Fricky hordes – translated as frenetic – to meet you with countless other challenges. I'll go there.


Days have passed hide goldOn the other hand, they also awakened the feeling of mistrust, which made us all think of another generic zombie game – little shown if we stop thinking cold.

The Bend Studio team, which also took care of Resistance: Retribution, Uncharted: Golden Abyss (the great Uncharted of PS Vita), and the entire Siphon Filter franchise did not want to give up on boredom.

And when there are dialogues, they are very well written, in a story driven by a great rhythm, thanks to someone who called John Garvinthe creative director and writer who also signed Sophon Filler's conspiracy texts – precursors of the 24-Hour series, among others, and Splinter Cell, in the same vibration.


The main character of Day is Deacon St. John, who was a member of the motorcycle club at his golden age. When the world began to collapse, the baker and his wife Sarah were separated from fate. Deacon survives the end of the world with his best friend, Buzer.

Sarah was taken from one of the rescue helicopters moving in the areas affected by the epidemic, but there was no room for more people leaving the protagonist behind. Thus, two years pass, and the other does not notice the other during the period. It is in this context that the player assumes the role of a deacon who seeks answers about the whereabouts of his beloved in the hope of finding her alive.

Well, BEM survival – just what is encapsulated in an affordable formula

Days gone by is a game of survival. Survival is different from lifeThere is a strong focus on resource management; you must have the knowledge of the researcher to find the remains, kerosene, bottles, rags, pipes and other materials that are used to create elements that have a system similar to that of the Last of Us.

For example, you can customize white weapons by kneading the top of a baseball bat, a rotating saw at the end of the board or even a combination of table blades. The kitchen or fire axes, machetes and picks are some of the decks that Diacon finds in this hostile world, and remember: everyone is crashing, as in Dead Island or Dying Light, which also focuses on survival. Ammunition is scarce and will require a minimum distribution of players – in fact, bigger than you think.


The lazy person during a conversation can be excitedSearching for consumables requires, in addition to a clinical view of the surroundings, to break hoods and suitcases of cars, trucks, ambulances, jeeps and the like. Each of these types has specific resources.

Police vehicles, for example, offer ammunition; ordinary cars generally have a common supply; ambulances support healing products. And it is not guaranteed that you will find such features when entering a vehicle.

Abandoned houses, isolated chalets in rural towns, mountain areas, factories and caves complement the package – always with a good reward for those who have the patience to explore. The presentation is stable with surprising attention to detail and good use of the environment to hide elements in convenient places. Fallout and BioShock fans who hide objects behind private covers will feel at home here.


The size of the card will surprise you – good or bad

Everything has a price and a prize in "Past Days". In this sense, the game reminds even Zelda: Breath of the Wild, in which every corner examines the hidden content. Nothing exists for nothing; the things you find in the open world and the distribution of activities are presented to the player organically and not forcefully.

By the way, the map of the game is colossalWhen I thought I was going to end the journey, the story took a new turn and expanded the territory to new layers. It happened more than once. It is greater than the total area of ​​Horizon: for example, Zero Dawn. For a game that retains a single platform, the range is ambitious.

The Days Gone region is divided into three different parts, all of which can be explored using the motor. Traveling along the roads, now decorated with green meadows and now suppressed by a storm that almost sinks water on the player's face, keeps contemplative moments in chaos. Everything happens accidentally thanks to the dynamic climate and the day and night cycle.


Moto: extension of Deacon's body

An important element in the "Day of Passing" is that the pet motorcycle is far from being the main companion of the entire journey. This is a major aspect of navigation throughout the game world and is also part of the survival offer. Of everything you can improve during the adventure, believe: driving a bicycle will be a priority.Nobody will point you with a finger; this will be a natural necessity.

This means that gasoline is a resource that also depletes and needs to be fed so that your transport does not leave you at the mercy of grotesque beings. Being without a motorcycle in the middle of this noise is the same feeling that you're naked in public, You want to get out there, you want to hide and feel safe again. The engine foresees this. You can also find a gauge of fuel scattered all over the world, stations or even mechanics that loads to fill your tank.

The engine is a continuation of the Deacon, as if it is a tentacle of the biker – or, here, something like a watchman

The engine is not a Robocop gadget. It takes time and requires scrap for maintenance. Rare are the moments when you feel comfortable – crossing everything without measuring the consequences or falling from very high places, creates problems. Repair parts are also limited. You should always take them for cars, chalets, shops, and so on. Like I said, everything in this game is limited, not infinity. Everything is distributed and calculated and never in an unfair or unbalanced way.

You must be alert all the time with your inventory and this, as we have already mentioned, applies to ammunition as well. It does not exist in abundance and is not exactly inexpensive in the shopping stalls. All this is done in a way that is accessible to the player, always rewarded for a study that is not repeated without leaving aside the feeling that it is challenged. Take care of your motorcycle and your inventory as pet,

Personalization of your vehicles is also deep. It allows you to personalize your bike, which starts raw everything to taste: a tank that holds more fuel, different steering, paint, exhaust system, tire, hoop, stickers, nitro, speed, power, headlights and more. To manually memorize in the open world, for example, you need to be close to it. This is a sequel to the Deacon, as if he was a tentacle of the biker – or, here, a guard.


Mixed by measure and propagated "horde technology"

The survival mix, heated shooting and muted approaches turn into a very nice gameplay built on top of well-known mechanics but well-applied, delivering solid experience.

Days Gone uses the ultra-advanced horde technology that manages to bring up to 500 friquors on the screen without compromising on performance. In some isolated moments there is even a drop in the frequency of the footage, but the use of this technology gives fresh freshness to a theme that is consumed in the entertainment industry.

In fact, these beings have variations within their form:

  • There are destroyers who are enemies enemies;
  • Watchmen who shout and warn other people to talk about their presence;
  • The terraces, even faster than ordinary fools;
  • Lizards who are teenagers.

And other. Animals also pose a danger: wolves, bears, puppies, crows and corridors that are infected versions of the wolves, are usually flanked and appear at the most inconvenient times.


There are, of course, human factions made up of robbers and bandits who shoot first and then ask. There are two other types of opponents: Rippers who are part of a terrible cult and follow a code of madness-based behavior, and agents of NERO, a corporation that investigates the infected site and launches everything that moves also without asking.

Emphasize the Portuguese language in some of these excerpts. The Deacon kills the Breakers in the rage of those seeking an old, bloodthirsty revenge – and the mouth is eaten in the most spontaneous way, as in a poor neighborhood without control.

These passages include a cunning approach and also strive to tie the free ends with everything that has happened to the world to turn upside down. During shooting, there is still a focus, classical mechanics that slows down the action and allows you to aim more calmly in enemies. Your focus, your health and your energy, which determines how much a deacon can work and roll as you get tired, can improve.

The Competence of the Progression System

The days of the Gone system of progression are, in general, addiction: It all gives you XP a point to exchange skills, titles and trust. Over time, small-scale retailers rely more on Deaken's image and expand their product range by offering new weapons, more modernized motorcycles and other consumables.

Remember: everything is done, everything is limited. Even the muffler, which is the oil filter, has a limitation of use. This is a good survival, it is worth highlightingBend Studio's team managed to deliver these benefits very well and managed to achieve that sense of satisfaction that it was stronger over time. The knuckle does not tilt any more to one side or the other; it has an imbalance that, as it stands, can remain intact.

The spread and layout of freaks in the open world are sometimes reminiscent of "Evil within 2"

By the way, it is necessary to deal with the hordes. You will need to develop strategies for using the environment, planting traps, finding explosive barrels and planning an evacuation route. Do not forget: to 500 friquors gifted with enormous power and speed equal to those of the movie "I'm the legend," they run behind you.

By the way, the distribution of these abominable beings through the open world recalls sometimes "Evil within 2". If everything goes wrong, try to get into a trash can and ask these orcs to leak. Intelligence, fortunately, they still do not. They are disappointed and go – a situation that can be done differently to people, for example.


"Leads and Wears" to Some Open World Missions …

Despite the variety of things to be done in post-pandemic enormity, Days of Past Days have many "leading and introducing" missions, with this old structure "go to point X and bring something back to Y". It's even necessary to introduce some mechanics to the game, but it repeats a bit out of the bill.

Witcher 3 or GTA, for comparison purposes, are examples of how to use the same space for unique and different missions. Of course, they are different rocks, but the recipe is essentially the same. It is as if these two men have embraced the spirit of school bastards, whose purpose is to use the same field to carry out activities that go beyond common sense.

By contrast, the content of "Days of Past Days" has a majestic scope: you have to release thieves' camps, clear raids from fury by burning nests, restore energy from NERO bases, and stop at nothing less from 240 collection itemsas well as non-binding missions that deepen the narrative and further develop the secondary characters.


Charges. Charges. Charges.

Time-consuming tasks break the pace of Days Gone in order to offer the player the possibility of intercalating their actions and not falling into the boredom. The initial fee that the mandatory fee, which occurs every time the game starts, takes a long time.

You often fall on the black charging screen when you activate missions or move between some internal and external environments. This is something that can be mitigated by updates, but not fully resolved – especially if this is a major problem.

Some mistakes, also from the open world, occur quite often, like animals that are stuck in textures, objects shifted from the landscape, or NPS that behave as a short-circuit robot.


In one of the missions, for example, Deacon had to get on a roof with a satellite, but the NPC, stuck in a repetition with the broken algorithm, only moved around and did not let the correct command appear on the screen so he could progress in the mission. So I had to resort to the top of the load the last checkpointcross the previous stretch (again) and repeat the action. In such circumstances, failure is repeated at least in two other cases. They are irreparable tribulations through improvements, but during gambling they acted as "spoilers" on a fun party, you know?

Nothing that breaks the positive balance of experience. The attention to the details of the closed environment, for example, is enormous: you find homes, schools, shops, huts and shelters with chips, cans, lampshades, wall posters, broken curtains, rotten ceilings and even carcasses hanging indoors, in the bedroom. They are elements that create an atmosphere in the imagination of the player for everything that may have happened there during the ascension of the apocalypse. These details are replicated 3D objects, not a texture glued together in another texture. Keep in mind that other survivors are also looking for resources in these places and can challenge them with you.

By closing the package, the game now offers traditional photo mode, with numerous editing filters that give you the tools to play with scenarios, enemies, length, altitude, deacon's face, and more.



Being chased by the ghost of the genius, Days Gone was surrounded by suspicions because the subject was used for exhaustion in entertainment as a whole. New zombies? New apocalypse? The New World Is Open?

I say "yes" to all these questions, but not a common game. With a powerful system of progression, a colossally large open world that shows the tip of the iceberg, a lasting campaign, hordes technology, great wrestling / survival mechanics, and this touch of narrative coming from the same Siphon Filter team, the technical problems mentioned above in this analysis and lacking originality in some missions but is competent to try to surprise and humblely conquer the friendliness of the player who soon identifies himself with the deacon and his goal in all these greatnesses.

John Garwin's talent as a writer for whom he is a Sphinph filter fan (like the one who writes you) is intact, offering storylines that make the player vibrate, curse, and plot for the future.


First of all, Days Gone is supported by a person who, according to my humble opinion, is one of the main aspects of the current gaming industry: rhythmThe beginning is a little slow, but the adventure soon engages and clears 30 to 35 hours for those who follow the straight line, only in the basic missions, and easily more than 50 hours за тези, които искат да изследват цялото съдържание на картата, разделена на три слоя, които се разширяват, докато напредвате през историята.

Надявам се, че всички вие ще имате същото въздействие, както и на третата част на тази карта. Знаеш ли, когато миришеш края на играта, където всичко започва да се връзва, и все пак осъзнаваш, че все още има дълъг път? Дните на Gone запазват тези изненади и се стремят към място на слънце.

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