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See you again! End Rick Grimes in The Walking Dead

Warning: The following article contains spoilers for The Walking Dead!

Last week, Day 4, fans of The Walking Dead have a difficult mission to say goodbye to the plot's protagonists. Andrew Griffin, a translator Rick Grimes, made his last appearance in What Comes After, the fifth episode of the ninth series. And as much as our heroes end the fourth episode from bad to worse, the trajectory in the scene shown yesterday made fans grateful for the fate that the good person finally tracked down.

Rick was not ready to die and, in desperation, pulled out the metal rod that was holding him and rode his white horse. This scene can refer to Bible stories, because the white horse is a symbol of the end. He managed to get far enough from the horde of pedestrians who had come to attack him, and his first stop was in a hut with a post office that said Cardille. If we reformulate the word writing, we can arrive at Carl Lied (Carl lies). Heavy, right?

In the cabin, the good man took care of his injury and left with his horse with his back facing Atlanta – a scene that was very similar to the beginning of the first season. In the city, he finally meets Shane and both make the first scene they have together: eat in a police car. Shane then confirms that Judith is even his biological daughter, and asks Rick to stick to the frustration and anger and to wake up. Back at the hut, the hero realizes that he has hallucinations and realizes that some walkers forced into the place and that they can catch him immediately. He escaped.

Rick continues to walk on the road until he is visited by a second ghost: Hershel. Scott Wilson's appearance, in fact, was marked by being one of his last works on television, since the actor died on October 6 this year. The young man later apologized for what happened to Maggie and Glenn, but Hershel said he had hopes for a better future for his daughter. He tries to wake Rick, but the leader starts delirious and says he must return to his family.

Once again, the hero realized that it was all hallucinations and he found himself in the hospital corridor in the first season. Previous article, Don? T Open Dead Inside, passed only to Open Dead Inside, because Don & # 39; & # 39; t (No) was scratched. He entered and found a pile of corpses of people he knew. That's when Sasha, the third ghost, appeared. He says Rick won't find his family because he's not gone – and neither does he.

The former policeman woke up once more and fell from his white horse. He lured pedestrians to the bridge, ready to sacrifice himself with them. But the bridge supports weight. On the other hand, Rick finally finds Maggie, Daryl and Michonne. However, he was afraid of the safety of his friends and decided to resolve the situation without putting them in danger. The good man took his gun and shot the dynamite on the bridge. The bombs exploded, and at that time Rick's friends cried seeing him burn with the pedestrians. Bodies fall into the river and are carried by water. The friends cry.

However, at the end of the river, Rick looked alive. It can't last long, a good person is saved by Jadis, who needs type A survivor to lead a mysterious group of helicopters. However, he told the group that he now only has one type B survivor. The jadis then start with Rick in the helicopter while the hero receives medical treatment with a stretcher. He completed the live plot. And as the episode shows, we only need to know now what will happen next.

Everything ends with a leap of six years in time. Judith appeared around the age of six, seven years. A group of comics, with the characters Magna, Yumiko, Connie, Luke and Kelly, making their first appearance. The Whispers also finally appeared. And the rest will be revealed in the next episode of The Walking Dead, it's next Sunday, 11.

Andrew Lincoln

Entertainment Weekly conducted an interview with Andrew Lincoln, who played Rick for the past nine years. See what the actor commented on in the last episode below:

Now that people have seen, how do you feel about the last episode of The Walking Dead?

– I am very happy. That is one of the greatest joys. With very little time, I found it [a showrunner Angela Kang] cover a lot of land in these five episodes. And then the idea of ​​a bridge, a bridge metaphor. I found this very smart. And initially, I was a bit wary of aspects of hallucinations, and then, as people approached, everything made sense. And it was a brilliant and beautiful way to end my legacy on the show.

Why are you alert to hallucinations?

"I don't think I really like repetition." I think we succeeded [alucinações] very beautiful for Tyreese in the episode. I really like that. I thought it was very good at that time with Chad. Of course I like the idea of ​​Scott Wilson, John [Bernthal] and Sonequa [Martin-Green] to return. I think, as long as it's feasible. I don't want it to be a call for the first episode, unless it really makes sense. And fortunately it happened. And I realized in the middle, something like that, "This is the Wizard of Oz! We are filming The Wizard of Oz!" Hershel is courage, Bernthal is heart, and Sonequa is wisdom when you have peace. And Michonne is at home. And all of this was taken to the helicopter and carried out some movements on the house. I said, "We are in the Wizard of Oz!" And everyone is like, "Oh, yes, we might." That's what I say, it all makes sense to me. But it's fun working with those people again, and returning to the hospital in my last scene. That's kind of a strange circle that's finished.

How does it feel to work with Scott Wilson before he dies?

– It was incredible. He is one of my favorite people, and one of the biggest experiences of my career, in fact, worked in the 50th year as an actor. And I have learned a lot from him, and he is one of the best men I have ever felt like working and will always feel happy working.

Lincoln will stay back as Rick

Andrew Lincoln didn't get rid of Rick Grimes' role easily! According to information from the Entertainment Weekly website, the actor will return as a character in the film that AMC released in The Walking Dead. The vehicle spoke with Scott M. Gimple, the author and chairman of the content content from the plot, which said the following:

– It is very important that the public know that we will continue to tell the story of Rick Grimes in these original AMC Studios films. We don't want it to be like, "Look, he'll be back soon." We tell Rick's story in other media, and that will be the original AMC Studios films. They will be alone at AMC, maybe. They are centered on Rick Grimes. Let us tell you the story of what happened after the helicopter flight, and the length will be large and epic. Each will be a quality film. This is what happened in the industry. We have seen Netflix basically do this so people can watch in their homes, and we will do the same here.

Overall, it will start to be recorded next year.

"We are talking about the trilogy for Rick Grimes's story. That does not mean they are the only Rick Grimes story we will tell, and they may not be the only film we will make. Rick Grimes's story, of course, is something the biggest we are doing now, but let's do a lot of The Walking Dead things for years to come.The universe of objects.We will not release all of them at once.We will release things for years for maximum effect. We want to burden people with that. We will look at the past, let's look at old characters. Let's move into the future with new characters. We are making films, we do special. We will see a new series. And even different models of series. – You don't need 16 episodes. We can do a number of mini-series. We are looking for different ways to tell stories. It is very important that they are different from the other two series or really not I'm worth it. We want to answer questions that are always public. We want to see only different parts of the world. We really want to expand the extent to which The Walking Dead can.

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