Friday , December 3 2021

Serasa advises 7 tips not to fall for CPF fraud


Serasa advises 7 tips not to fall for CPF fraud. Imagine the unpleasant surprise of getting a debt recovery call you didn't make. At first, you might think that this is just a mistake call. But the fees continue to go up and you do not recognize the amount you are charged. It's a nightmare experienced by a borrower using CPF, but avoiding fraud with your CPF is simple. Below are some important precautions to avoid this disorder in your life.

1 – Keep your documents close

Whenever you are in the cashier of a store, do not let them carry your documents away from you. In some situations, attendees may want to check your documents, but don't let them get out of your sight – this is a way to keep yourself from cloning.

2 – Watch out for online tests

They are very popular, especially on social networks. They look funny and often go viral among our friends. The point is, many of these tests are actually baits to gain access to your data. So be careful and don't be tempted to take any test that you find funny.

3 – Watch out for site purchases

Before making an online purchase, check the reliability of the site you are viewing. Study the reputation of the store and try to access the site directly. Redirect links can direct you to damaged data theft sites.

4 – Attention when discarding cards, documents and bills

Before throwing out old trash bills, expired cards, old documents, and more, tear it down and grind it as much as possible. Never throw your accounts in the trash without breaking them into many pieces. This prevents the paper from falling into the wrong hands.

5 – Keep track of your CPF

Serasa Consumidor offers an alert service that informs you whenever a fraudulent attempt is made with your security number. The cost of the service is low and you have the peace of mind to provide more security for your document. Meet Antifraud. In addition, you can also view the status of your Seras CPF for free on our website for free.

Keep track of your insurance number

6 – Beware of warning emails

Imagine opening your inbox and seeing this email alerting you to debt, a dirty name, etc. See who the sender is and contact the company immediately. Some companies may apply, but the applicant must be formally notified by the institution.

7 – Prize Fraud

SMS Alert for a Big Cash Prize? This is another very common trap used to steal data. Generally, they announce that you have won a prize and are asked to contact us. When you call, they ask for your information and you're done, the fraud is done.

As much as many of these pitfalls seem puzzling, believe me: they make many sacrifices every day. An assessment by Serasa Experian last year found that around 4.7 thousand fraud attempts are being made in Brazil every day. Therefore, every care is important! So for even greater security, it's worth watching your CPF with Serasa AntiFraude. No one knows when a fraudster will try to present you. This is the caution you should always take. Serasa font

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