Monday , November 29 2021

Simões Filho's public competition will have 105 seats; Find out more


Photo: Disclosure

The city of Simões Filho will hold a public tender for efficient staff. The definition came after the signing of the Behavioral Adjustment Agreement (TAC) signed between the municipal government and the Baha'i Prosecutor's Office (MoJ).

The number of job vacancies and posts has already been determined. A total of 105 job vacancies are allocated to:

Teacher (80 seats available)

Municipal Guard (05 seats available)

Health Supervisor (03 vacancies)

Secretariat Lawyer (05 seats available)

Transit Agent (10 seats available)

Internal Control Agent (02 vacancies).

The City Hall is due to publish a notice of invitation between the end of August and September. Tests should be conducted in October or November. The MP has determined that successful candidates will be nominated and sworn in by February 20, 2020. The competition is being held 13 years after the last selection process.

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