Sunday , July 3 2022

SUS offers 19 different types of vaccine; see tips


It is possible to find 19 different vaccines in the Unified Health System that prevent more than 20 types of diseases. There are 300 million doses of vaccines distributed by over 37,000 major health units nationwide for free.

For every age there is a vaccine, prevention. Hepatitis B vaccines and tuberculosis at birth. In childhood, doses of paralysis, meningitis, pneumonia and mumps. For teens, HPV vaccine. And for the elderly and the elderly, immunization to prevent yellow fever, tetanus and influenza. Other diseases, such as measles, require prevention at all ages.

The vaccine is a simple action that is important for life. But forgetting or lacking control creates diseases like measles to grow again in the country. The first two doses of measles should be taken at 12 months to 29 years of age. However, a third dose should be taken by the age of 49 years.

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"People forget they have to get vaccines. When they stop being vaccinated, the illnesses come back because they exist in other countries, "says Fernando Ledes, an immunization nurse at the Federal Health Administration.

Julio Croda, director of the Department of Immunization and Infectious Diseases at the Ministry of Health, explained that measles outbreaks are already a global phenomenon. "There is a huge epidemic in New York and Europe. Because they did not live with the disease, society does not take the risk. So they neglect vaccination a little bit, "he said.

Currently, 43 Brazilian municipalities have confirmed measles cases. The disease can lead to encephalitis, leave neurological consequences and even kill. "The mortar is highly contagious. A sick person can infect another 20, "warns director Julio Krada.


  • The Ministry of Health tells families who go to measles communities to vaccinate babies 6-12 months 15 days in advance before traveling. Parents should also be aware that they will have to vaccinate the baby once every 12 months. It is important that the vaccination is up to date.
  • In the case of adults, it is advisable to store the card digitally so you can know the vaccines you have already taken so you do not need to repeat the doses.
  • Before traveling, ask about possible outbreaks of disease in the area.
  • For trips abroad, it is important to check that the country of destination requires specific vaccines.

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