Thursday , October 28 2021

The BNDES Secret Can End: Panic Left in CCJ


The House Constitutional and Justice Commission (CCC) touched on today (13/8) at a discussion session the possible breach of confidentiality of correspondence and communications of the National Bank for Economic and Social Development (BNDES).

Jose Guimarães PT ECThe first alternate to speak was Jose Guimares (PT-EC), who requested a public hearing on the matter.

According to him "This is not a trivial issue, nor is it a matter of transparency, of course, of the actions and investments and operations for which BNDES is developing".

In response, Guimarães said the proposal violates the integrity of operations and that this point is guaranteed by the Constitution.

"unless the rules for bank financing, especially BNDES, are changed"He justified and finalized the argument by reinforcing the request for a public hearing.

Then MP Alseu Moreira (MDB-RS), the author of the request, recalled that the topic began to be discussed in 2016, had already passed by the House and was even the subject of a parliamentary committee of inquiry (CPI).

Alceu Moreira MDB RS

Outraged Moreira exclaimed:everyone knows this topic so much!"And recalled that most of BNDES's money is public money.

"Using the argument that in this case we must keep business secret, we must remember that the vast majority of BNDES's resources are public resources, workers' resources, almost one hundred percent!"He counters.

"Remember, this bank was wounded in more than five hundred million reais!"He reinforced.

Emedebist emphasized the need for BNDES accountability and the difficulty that the average businessman has to get a loan from that bank, sometimes reaching two years pending credit analysis.

Alseu, disgusted and right, asked:Why when to borrow fake money (sic) [protegidos], the world's smallest dictators, billions and billions and billions of realities taken from workers' money, what is the logic, for example, of my Porto Alegre not having a train north while Venezuela has and borrowing money from BNDES ?!"

The southern lawmaker also made comparisons to the pension reform, saying the estimated savings were $ 933 billion, while BNDES alone spent $ 578 billion. In fact, an expressive amount.

To close with a very strong footing, he also threw in the face that some of the countries they received are now refusing to pay, that is, they will default.

Talone Petrone PSOL RJ

The next speaker was Deputy Talíria Petrone (PSOL-RJ), who, despite reading difficulties, argued that such a proposal could violate fundamental rights and safeguards, in addition to a different moment: the BNDES contracts are already public.

"In this sense, it seems to us that there is a clear violation of these individual rights, knowing that according to the TST itself, we already have the understanding that the BNDES contracts are … this is local authority … are … is … of … are … private issues. And I wanted to finish is … I'm worried there is one already … BNDES contracts are public!– he said.

After several opposing and favorable arguments between the newsroom and other meanders, the vote ended with a delay, but the panic of the left was absolutely clear.

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