Monday , November 29 2021

The candidate denies Yvette's compliment to The Voice Brazil: "Why didn't it hit then?" – 07.07.2019


Anna Ruth, just 18, showed personality and good humor in The Voice Brazil – and even left it to Ivete Sangalo.

The candidate selected the song Sozinho, Peninha's composition that turned into a hit in Caetano Veloso's voice to make his audition a reality. It was Iza who pushed the button and turned the chair.

In telling her life story, Anna said her family always sang and one day decided to sing too. "Then I sang to all of them," Anna said. "I don't sing professionally, I sing where they call me. There are people who ask me to sing in their house and I'll do it."

After hugging Isa, her technique on the show, Anna received a compliment from Yvette and caused one of the funniest situations so far in the eighth season. "We are in love with you too," Yvette said. The candidate replied, "Woman, why didn't you hit [o botão] right? "

A little embarrassed, Yvette explained that it was not as easy as people seemed to appreciate. "It's the hardest thing in the world to beat here, but you're in Iz's team, it's our team."

It didn't take long for the network to note the candidate's reaction.

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