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The Enemy – CD Projekt Red argues that the crisis is not mandatory in the production of the Cyberpunk 2077

Among the few crunches in the gaming industry CD Projekt Red is trying to get away from this culture in Киберпанд 2077, In an article in Kotaku, the studio says he wants to be "known for the attitude of developers".

Marcin Iwiński, a co-founder of the company, explains that there is a policy ofnon-binding crisis", trying to reduce the long hours of work.

"We clearly state that, of course, there are times when we need to work harder – I think the E3 demo is a good example – but we want to be more humane and respectful of people. If they have to take a break, they can. No one will be criticized if necessary– says Yvinsky.

Adam Badovsky, director of Cyberpunk 2077, makes it clear that the long production period has different moments, each with a peculiarity:We have to remember that the whole production has, say, four years, sometimes five years. Most of the time, about three years, has no crisis".

With or without a crisis, the only guarantee given by the bosses is that the end of development "will be better than the end of The Witcher 3according to Badovski.

On the other side of the coin

Although CD Projekt Red's statements seem to be moving away from the crisis, its history already has some shortcomings. According to Kotaku, he has already been contacted by some of the employees, saying that the company has a long working culture.

Compared with the problematic development of the anthem, also reported Kotakuan employee of CD Projekt said:Sometimes I felt I could just change the name of the studio and the title of the game, and everything would look so similar, almost identical".

In Cyberpunk 2077 in particular, the crisis appears to be less widespread, according to officials who came into contact with the car. Some sectors, such as audio, technology and quality control, have more complicated days, while another developer has stated that this is his best time in the company.

No release date yet, Cyberpunk 2077 is expected for the current generation of consoles: PlayStation 4 and Xbox OneThe game is also promised PC,

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