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The Lady of the Piece: Determined to boycott Yosiana's plans, Regis is the head of Maria da Paz; understand!


Robber stealing Robert has 100 years of forgiveness! And here's how the rogue Regis (Reynaldo Gianekini) promises to confirm his change of character in "The Owner of the Piece." According to TV News, after discovering her passion for goalkeeper Maria da Paz (Juliana Paes), the bon jive will be ready to do anything to protect her from her ambitious daughter. To this end, he will devise a strategy to end the plans of villain Yossian (Agatha Moreira) to steal a cake factory for himself. My God!

As we said briefly here, Maria da Paz will hand over the cake factory to her daughter, fearing that the bank will take away her company from all the accumulated debts. However, the goalkeeper will still try to protect his assets by asking Antero (Ari Fontura) to include a clause prohibiting anyone from taking responsibility for her. The document will have its signature, but at the last moment it will cancel its registration.

Realizing the plans of Machiavelli's blogger, Regis will talk to his wife and ask her not to make the change. "I talked to Maria da Paz. It's crazy to take the factory on her behalf. You see … Joe is very young"We will argue during a conversation with goalie and Marcio (Anderson Di Rizzi). "Do you suspect my daughter?"The blind mother will ask. "This can go up to her head", Will justify the owner of the wine importer. "To tell you the truth, it's very easy for everything to go into Jossian's head", I'll agree with Kim's (Monica Yozi) boyfriend.

"She is just blinded by this internet business, but she has a good heart. Anyway, find out. I'm not that stupid"Maria da Paz will be cheated again, but it is hidden from both modifications made to the transaction document. "Marcho, call Dr. Antero. I'll leave the contract in the drawer. The contract is valid but does not need to be registered. Although I have taken my precautions– I will tell. "However, if the factory is going to be threatened by a taxi, just sign a drawer“Regis suggests.

Regis (Reynaldo Janecini) will warn Maria da Paz (Juliana Paes), who is trying to boycott Yosiana's (Agatha Moreira) plans. Photos: Play / TV Globo

"I'm only doing this because you insist, Regis. I trust Josian … But I'm not stupid. I already carefully. In any case, I will do as you say. If the contract really isn't worth it, why register all this work?", I will question. However, the lawyer will reveal that she has already registered the contract according to the changes he has made and that there is no way to change it.

However, even with Regis' clause and warnings, Jociane will still be able to take over his mother's factory. At present, Antero will have lost his memory due to an aneurysm and the scout will not know where the document is that could save all his assets. Devoured, driven out of the home and poor, Maria da Paz will have to sell cakes again on the street … Definitely not for lack of warning, right, sex ?!

Scenes will begin airing on Tuesday (13). Hopefully, at one point, Maria da Paz wakes up to life, because, look, it's not easy! kkkk

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