Wednesday , June 7 2023

The risk of "running away from money" is indicated by the partners of Miner – Business


Interestingly, one of the risks listed by Miner's partners' investments in customer contributions is precisely the loss of resources. In addition to the sudden changes in the market, an email sent to customers cites the threat "Renee and I run with the money." The message refers to Geraldo Vieira and Rene Silva, Miner's partners.

As Diário do Nordeste reported yesterday, a group of Ceará investors withdrew their resources when dealing with a financial market company without permission from CVM. The organization claims to have made strategic mistakes and fell victim to fraud by another JJ Invest company, which would have lost $ 170 million in casualties under a fraudulent investment scheme.

In a statement, Miner said he had "always warned all partners about the risks of investing in financial markets" and that the leak issue was used in a "jokey tone" to illustrate how risky equity and derivative investments were, even by many members. questioned such an opportunity. "

Serra Mining Clients are already filing a case to block all manager assets as a way of ensuring that the investment is fully repaid. The information was confirmed by Fabio Timbo, a lawyer representing about 50 people affected by Miner's suspicious activity.

Overall, the state of Timbo states that the company in Sao Paulo has more than 200 customers. The number is higher than forecast from yesterday's Miner Investor Interview report. The company's shares in Sao Paulo resulted in losses of more than $ 10 million in investments in Serra.

The lawyer also said that his investment initiatives, just over 50, aim to block all Miner's assets. In addition, all the institutions involved in the investment market are informed of the process of formalization and explanation.

"At that time, when people were surprised, they were trying to return capital contributed by their income. The purpose is to reduce losses. Therefore, in my view, urgent measures should be taken, the purpose is to block the company's assets. and we already do, "said Timbo.

"This was thought through by the power of caution, analyzing similar cases with Miner, such as JJ Invest, where people were tricked into believing there was a regular business," he added.


From now on, the investor group makes efforts to seek an explanation with the Brazilian Stock Exchange, B3, to find out if Miner has actually invested the funds; with the IRS, to seek breach of partners' banking and telephone privacy; and to take formal action with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

"There was no market movement to justify the loss of 75%, given that Miner operates legally and transparently," Timbo said.

For the lawyer, Miner Investimentos' stock hid a pyramid scheme disguised as an investment manager. "They are committing a crime against the financial system, a crime against the popular economy, a crime in the capital market and a crime against the economic order and estelionato. In fact, it was a pyramid," he said.

In a note, Miner Investimentos emphasized that he had never had dishonest attitudes. "So much so that the amounts owed to investors are paid. If it was a scammer, the amounts owed would disappear from the company accounts," he said.

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