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The seventh guardian leaves unpunished villains and murderers.

Characters without charisma The Seventh Guardian He farewell to the public this Friday (17), after six months of repentance in the air. The Novel of the Globe leaves the feeling of disappointment in society. Accompanying 161 chapters from the plot of Aginnaldo Silva was a test of patience. Many dropped in the middle, and those who insisted put their mouths on the trombone through social networks to complain about the lack of surprise and explanation. What could be a case of love has become a hatred.

After all, what good is the fountain with miraculous water if no one can use it? Throughout the leaflet, "holy water" has been used to resurrect the lion's cat several times to treat Olav's scissors (Tony Ramos) and Valentina's wounds (Lilia Cabral) Gabriel (Bruno Gallasso) and the priest Ramirez (Eighton Grace).

The large beneficiaries have always been the first lady of Letizia Spyler, who remains young, although she is older than her sister and Eurico (Dan Stahlbach), whose sexual impotence was reversed after being punished for betrayal of communion.

The balance is that it has been a very sacrifice and a balance of eight dead, so the source returns only to a minimal group of people to see it.

Impunity for all

In Serro Azul the crime offset him: at least that was the last chapter. Valentina is murdered Olavo and escapes. Laura (Yanna Lavigne) killed Gabriel and did not catch him. Marcello Novaes, the crime collector who includes being a non-race delegate and a fake diploma, bury the good guy at the very beginning of the plot, kidnap and try to kill Judith (Isabela Garcia) … Anyway, he also finished free, light and loose.

Valentina (Lilia Cabral) summoned the death of her son Gabriel (Bruno Gallasso), who hugged her body.

To complete this list, there is also a corrupt mayor. Eurico has stolen for years and still manages to choose his son as his heir to the public administration.

Mirtes (Elizabeth Savala) is criminal until the last month. The fact that personality changes does not erase the evil that has happened with poisonous bits, damaging the family and taking on the role of the blogger, causing intrigue for Serro Azul.

Guardians of Spirits

The last chapter had only two scenes that were not downloaded. Instead of finishing with Luz, who was bathed in the fountain, Bean (Kau Campos) dipped into miraculous water. The sequence was the boy's possession as a guardian. The spirits of the dead guardians seem to have blessed him.

The family lunch at Aphrodite's house (Carolina Dickman) was included after Aginaldo Silva sent the last chapter to the production. The author himself reveals in his social networks that he has forgotten the result of Nicholas (Marcello Serrado). Ogre finished alone, without the atmosphere of associating with the children and the ex-wife.

Leopoldo Pacheco, Ana Beatrice Nogueira, Zeze Polesa and other dead guardians

I regret it

The irritation of the viewer still spreads to the characters who were part of the novel of the nine but did not have a history. Only in the penultimate chapter, Northwind (Teodoro Kokrein) opens his heart and talks about the pains of growing up in an environment hostile to homosexuals.

As much as no one speaks openly about it, the end of the Seventh Guardian is a relief for some of the actors and the production. The novel was a magnet for trouble, and many people who invented the night of this six are behind the scenes. So, without farewell, no nostalgia, these nine clocks are already over.

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