Thursday , July 29 2021

Writer Katie Nicole, who recently published a book on Harry's relationship with his wife, Megan Marc, said that Lady Di's younger son took it "very seriously" when Brother William was worried and commented on relationships that were not well received .

According to Infobae, the brothers seemed remarkably distant during the Passover holiday with Queen Elizabeth II at Windsor Castle.

"William is very cautious towards Harry," Nicole said. "He loves Harry, he's always had a strong brotherhood … I'm not sure if the relationship is what he was, but the relationship is evolving over time."

It seems, though, that things began to dissipate after William warned his brother about the speed of his engagement.

William was worried that the link was formally officially announced. Perhaps he was the only close enough man (from Harry) and asked if he was sure what he was doing, he said in the documentary of Princesses At War.

Before announcing his commitment in November 2017, the then Prince Harry was dating the former Costume Actress for just over a year.

The journalist mentioned that the council "just annoyed" Harry, who is "very protected by Megan," and finally perceives him as "criticism, as if his brother does not support his marriage."

We hope things can be resolved after the birth of the first son of the Duke of Sussex, something that can happen at all times!

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