Wednesday , November 25 2020

Tim Cook protects users from silencing iPhone notifications

It's no secret that Apple defends speech against iPhone addiction. Last year, the company even launched original applications for time management and mobile phone management. Now Chief Executive Tim Cook said people need to get out of their iPhones and reduce their participation in apps.

The statement was made in an interview with the summit on Tuesday (23). The CEO discussed the addictive nature of mobile devices and Apple's role in this topic.

"Apple never wanted to maximize consumer time [em dispositivos]"We have never talked about it," Cook said, adding that in recent months he had silenced the notifications of his iPhone.

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Apple's Screen Time app allows the user to monitor the activity of their mobile phone

The comment draws attention: a few years ago Apple did not show the same concerns about the addiction of its users. The company even activates a developer platform so it can flood users with notifications – from social network follower alerts to features added to games.

The idea is for developers to stay active and attract the attention of users in real time, but Apple may have followed more interesting ways, such as creating a notification platform that will be under the control of the user. So he could determine when he wanted to get notifications from his favorite apps, for example.

The company may also have chosen some kind of "food" in the App Store, which will act as a channel dedicated to the latest news from the installed apps.

The fact is, however, that the Apple Notification Platform is built on the idea of ​​increasing engagement in applications. The company never allowed such an intention, but last year made an accessible feature so the user could turn off push notifications.

"If you have an iPhone and do not disable your notifications, I really recommend you do it," Cook said. I was wondering:[Será que] do I really have to get thousands of notifications a day? It's not something that adds value to my life, or makes me a better person. So I cut it out.

Cook's comments should be concealed in the addictive nature of some apps, such as Facebook – Apple never gets tired of criticizing its rival, as the social network is woven into privacy polemics and leaked scandals.

But it is worth remembering that when the App Store was launched in 2008, Facebook was proud in the top line of the platform. The social network was highly popular as it was an excellent example of the iPhone's usefulness. It's like screaming, "Here's a popular social network you can have when you buy your mobile phone."

App Store Interface when released in 2008 Image: The New York Times

A decade after launching the App Store, Apple has turned its attention to its users. During the WWDC 2018, the company announced a number of digital wellness tools, such as jamming applications, smartphone monitoring, and parental control.

"If you look at your smartphone more than someone else, you're doing something wrong," continued the Chief Executive Officer. "We want to educate people about what they are doing."

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