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Time Travel and Marvel Captain beat Thanos? Theory of "Avengers 4" – 11/11/2018

"Avengers 4" is not far from appearing in films and for now we know almost nothing about the film. Director Joe and Anthony Russo, besides the players, are masters who hold secrets – interesting "technical error" for not giving spoilers.

Trailers and official names don't know when they will be released by Disney (rumors point to the end of this year), but the certainty is that "Avengers 4" will hit the big screen on May 2, 2019.

Because production doesn't work together, fans do their work and think of countless theories that can fit into the fourth chapter of the franchise. We have chosen some of the most popular (and logical) ideas to try to find out what will happen to Thanos and the heroes in the next Marvel film.

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Scott Lang and his daughter on "Man-Ant and Vespa" Image: Marvel Studios

Half a decade later …

Many believe that "Avengers 4" will occur about five years after the "Boundless War" event. How do we know this?

At first information leaked that Disney would throw actress Emma Fuhrmann to live Cassie Lang, daughter of Ant-Man (Paul Rudd). If in hero films, it is 10-year-old Abby Ryder Fortson, who plays characters, so it makes sense to think about the "leap" at this time. If confirmed, it will be a sign that the hero Cassette, Statue, will enter the Avengers.

Second is that Gwyneth Paltrow finally revealed a giant spoiler when saying that Pepper and Tony Stark would have a son in production. Although other explanations also fit these two requirements (such as time travel and use of Quantum Realm), journalist Daniel RPK, who has many contacts in the world of film heroes, assured on Twitter that "Avengers 4" would be four years after "Boundless War "

Okay, but what does that mean in practice? Consider this: many may have changed in five years with heroes – "dead" or not. If they really can take Gem Time for the possibility of time travel, how about ethical questions about removing everything that has happened in their lives since then?

Time travel

Another hypothesis that is getting stronger is that Ant-Man and, who knows, other heroes will travel on time to save the world. Even vaguely about how it will be used in the ongoing plot, this theory seems accurate for the recording of Captain America (Chris Evans) with the costume worn on his first film in 2011. Isn't that strange?

Oh, and Iron Man and Ant Man also in the same picture, which makes us believe that it is not a simple flashback. But the Captain isn't the only one seen in his "old" uniform. Thor, Gamora and Vespa also look different from what we usually see in the latest Marvel films.

Time travel can work in two ways, with Time Jewel being the most logical. The problem is that Thanos has artifacts, but theoretically foreign doctors can still use them anytime in the past or future. However, there is a problem: Doctor Stranger is trapped (or dead, you will know) in Permata Time.

Another possibility, for now, is that Ant-Man (who will be very important in the film, apparently) will return to the past in the vortex of Quantum Nature. Remember the "Ant-Man and the Wasp" post-credit scene where Janet van Dyne explained to her hero not to be sucked in by the vortex because they wouldn't be able to save her? The idea was that it happened exactly like that and Scott Lang was forced to return to save the Avengers.

Will Spider-Man return in "Avengers 4"? Image: Reproduction

Who lives always appears

Trying to understand more deeply what happened after Thanos flicked his fingers and destroyed half the universe, there were rumors that the Avengers were not dead. In fact, those who are destroyed are transported to other dimensions through Soul Jewel. This theory comes from comics and makes more sense for a scene from "Infinite War".

As soon as Thanos flicked his fingers, he was transported to a kind of dream where he spoke with Gamora as a child. Many fans believe that Crazy Titan is on the Soul Jewel, mostly because of the sky orange color, the same color as artifacts. To finish, when Gamora shows the child in that part, then that is a sign that he will live.

Thinking in a more objective way, there are a number of side projects that have been planned by heroes outside the "Avengers", so of course they will come back in one way or another. Still know how.


There are people who still believe that the heroes of "War of the Infernal" are actually Skrulls in disguise. How about this? There he is.

The Skrulls are classic Marvel comics that will appear in the movie "Captain Marvel" – whose premiere is scheduled for March 14. They formed an alien race that was famous for kidnapping and even "imitated" some of the most powerful heroes in the world. This theory seems meaningless, until you see Benedict Wong in the "Avengers 4" dressing room prepare some surprises.

If so, what really happened to the heroes? Are they dead? Imprisoned? Hidden?

Captain Marvel

Speaking of "rookie", Captain Marvel might be the person chosen to defeat Thanos. Announced at the end of "Borderless War", the female hero has everything to defeat Titan. He has the strength and endurance to do this, not to mention his ability to fly and still absorb energy. That is, every attack by Thanos can help him develop a lot of energy against him.

Comics have shown that Adam Warlock helped the heroes after Thanos flicked his fingers, but the hero was only confirmed in "Guardians of the Galaxies Vol. 3" – that no one knew whether he would leave pael after James Gunn's departure – – and not will be in "Avengers 4". So it's probably Captain Marvel's responsibility to lead the remaining heroes to defeat the supervillain.

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And what about Elang?

He comes out of the "Infita War" – whether it's good or bad, you choose. But the point is that Eagle (Jeremy Renner) can play a key role in "Avengers 4".

The franchise script writer has admitted that they really like heroes and that they gave him a "good story" in the next film. Based on some photos behind the scenes, maybe Hawk returned under Ronin's identity.

The Ronin name refers to the Japanese term to describe a samurai, a solitary fighter. Some Marvel characters have used identities in comic books, including Hawkman, who has been able to use a different weapon than his bow.

The most rational explanation is that after his participation in the "Civil War," Gavião made an agreement with the authorities and sought protection not to have more problems in justice, developing a new identity.

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