Monday , June 14 2021

TJ-RJ President questions the authenticity of letters from children and residents of Maré

The President of The court from Rio de Janeiro, Claudio de Melo Tavares, questioned the authenticity of the letters sent by children and residents of Complexo da Maré in the North Zone of Rio. On Monday, 1500 reports were submitted to TJ, in writing or in drawings, calling for less violence in communities and a return to Public civic action (ACP), which regulates on-site police operations.

The Tavares issue was raised after the order was reactivated, requiring police rules to act on operations in Maré last Wednesday. In an interview with G1, TJ's president said it was necessary to investigate whether there was "anything behind" the letters.

"The trial judge must consider whether these letters were actually made by the children, whether they were not ordered, whether there was anything behind it, or whether the Mare community was really calling for it to stop in order to stop this violence. – he said.

The governor of Rio, Wilson Witzel, also questioned the demonstration after the order was returned, which it said it would appeal. Also Wednesday, the district governor said the Mare Mare complex is a type of warehouse and will unveil demonstrations manipulated by traffickers.

– From there, you deflect orders, instructions to try to intimidate public authority. We will reveal all these manifestations that have been manipulated because Maré really wants to be a free trade area and that we will not allow it, "Witzel said.

Judge Claudio de Melo Tavares hugs Governor Wilson Witzel for Rio Court
Judge Claudio de Melo Tavares hugs Governor Wilson Witzel in Rio Court Photo: Antonio Scorsa / Agencies O Globo

The most NGO Redes da Maré answered their question about the veracity of the letters. In a statement, the organization responded that the mobilization was "the result of the fight for rights and recognition of the value of the approximately 140,000 lives that live in the 16 Favela set.

The NGO emphasized the spontaneous nature of the letters and stressed that the implementation of Redes da Maré has been taking place for more than 20 years in the community complex.

This work was done by mobilizing the many partnerships that Redes da Maré has established for more than 20 years in the territory. Many adults, young people, children, men and women spontaneously participated in this action.

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