Wednesday , June 16 2021

Trump sucks Iran, oil rises, but Petrobras falls; Stable Ibov

© Reuters. Closing: Trump sucks Iran, oil rises but Petrobras falls; Stable Ibov – The return of the holiday was marked by little news about the impact of the Social Security Reform process in Congress. Investors expect changes to the text of the reform following an agreement with the government with Centrão last week to prevent the CCJ from being admissible. Expectations are that dehydration of the original government proposal will pull out the planned economy of R $ 1.1 trillion in 10 years.

The announcement of the new text will be on Tuesday, and admissibility will be discussed and voted publicly at the CCJ on the same day at 2:30 pm. The government shows optimism, according to Vice President Hamilton Murao. Palantalo Palace provides for the approval of the text with a favorable margin.

If the domestic plan has done little to change the investor's risk assessment, it remains to accompany the movement from abroad despite the break in the main European markets. The day was marked by caution, pending the balance of companies listed in New York this week. In addition, geopolitical problems have placed the emphasis, especially on the international market, on renewing the peaks in 2019 after the United States announced it would not renew the releases given to Iranian oil importers under US sanctions.

This was the first part of the session in red, but in the afternoon it passed 95,000 points. However, the index lost its strength and closed with a slight increase of 0.01% to 94,588.06 points. It oscillated slightly during the day and rose by 0.08% to R $ 3.9328.

The Trump government stifles the Iranian economy from time to time

The Iranians are subject to an economic sanction after US President Donald Trump fulfilled his promise of the campaign in May last year and pulled the Americans out of the treaty that limits Iran's nuclear program. The goal, according to Trump, is to stifle the Iranian economy. but in November they allowed some countries to continue to buy oil from the ayatollahs by May this year. Today the White House announced it would not renew the concessions.

In this way, there is a prospect of reducing the supply on the international oil market, which leads to higher prices. In addition to the tensions between the US and Iran, oil bulls are punishing sanctions against Venezuela, the escalation of the Libyan conflict and the consequences of a reduction in supplies from OPEC and Allied member states to push even higher price escalations. As a result, WTI oil traded in New York finished the day with 2.58% to $ 65.72, while the world's listed and listed in London rose 2.99% to $ 74.12. It remains to be hoped that the fear of the economic downturn materializes and will reduce the demand for black gold and, hence, lower prices.

Petrobras (SA 🙂

PETR4 declined by 0.58% to R $ 27.44, even with favorable overseas oil, while the slight rise from 0.36% to R $ 30.87. The question of true state autonomy is for the radar of investors who monitor the possibility of a truck drivers strike next week and whether the government can intervene again in the oil pricing policy. This afternoon, Agriculture Minister Teresa Cristina and Infrastructure Tarcisio Gomes met with the category to hear the requests.

War Card

PagSeguro (NYSE 🙂 announced on Monday it would make an immediate payment for debit and credit card transactions, both in cash and in installments, for all of its 4.1 million active customers. Payment is also valid for weekend and weekend transactions. This move is another chapter in the war on credit card acquisition after Rede and Safrapay reported lowering expectations.

If entrepreneurs are grateful for the competition between big bank machines and fintechs, the same thing should not be said for investors who see companies in the sector increasingly tighter margins to secure and expand their market share and therefore reduce their share. of revenue.

Thus the actions of the sector had a new day in red, except for PagSeguro itself. Cielo (SA 🙂 suffered another heavy blow by 2.79% to R $ 8.02 in Ibovespa. In New York PagSeguro rose 1.50% to 25.68 dollars, and Stone reached 2.23% to $ 25.92.

Other actions

Vale (SA) lost 2.43% to R $ 51.30, pressured by news reports on the potential deployment of the Brumadinho (MG) dam at the end of January. The Valor Econômico report says the Brumadinho CPI rapporteur in the Senate intends to propose a 10% increase in the tax known as Cfem, a type of royalties paid by mining companies, in its final report.

BR Distribuidora (SA 🙂 jumped 2.93% to R $ 23.20 among the news that Petrobras will sell its stake in the fuel distributor. The state-owned company says it is studying the best alternatives and does not rule out stock-offering, reducing its control by 71% to less than 50% on the company.

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