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Ultimate finally has Marvel's first gay character

Directors Joe and Anthony Rousseau talked about the importance of LGBTQ + showing their films

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25 Apr 2019, 18h28 – Posted on April 25, 2019, 18h25


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Avengers: Ultimatum even come to shake the world of superhero fans! Between the giant battles and exciting scenes, the breakdown of some models eventually attracted the attention of the gallery. After years and years demand for character LGBTQ +on miracle finally answer the requests!

The man in question is not one of the characters but a regular person who appears at the beginning of the movie. The character played by Joe Rousso, who directed the film with his brother Anthony, is at the meeting of a group of people who have lost their relatives after Tanos. Endless war,


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During a conversation led by Captain America, who is trying to help these people move forward, Rousseau's character commented that he had his first meeting after losing his wife from the tragedy that happened five years earlier . Okay, what we wanted was gay-superhero or lesbian heroine, but the fact that someone who talks about the LGBTQ + universe found in the Marvel movie is now a small step, is not it?

In a Deadline interview, Joe Rousseau explained why he himself decided to play the character. "We made four Marvel movies and wanted at least one gay character in them. We thought it was also important to be interpreted by one of us who would guarantee the integrity of the moment, "he said." This is the perfect time for this because one of the things that push Marvel's cinematic universe is aimed at diversity "he concludes.

Joe Rousseau and Anthony Rousseau at the Avengers event: Ultimatum in London

Joe Rousseau and Anthony Rousseau at the "Avengers" event: The London Ultimatum (David Bennett / WireImage / Getty Images)

His brother, Anthony, added: "When you have a story that involves the death of half the living creatures in the universe, that's something bigger than the Avengers, it's something that has affected the whole world. We wanted to have a voice expressing how the years after Thanos's fingers spread to ordinary people. We needed this scene in the movie. It is not free. Joe's heroine comes from the fact that he's just an ordinary person who has suffered from these events, "he said.

They also confirm the fact that the film is even exposed in gay countries, and the scene, though simple, serves as a message to support LGBT + fans around the world.

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