Sunday , July 3 2022

Unimed Curitiba celebrates 48 years of caring for life's most valuable asset: health


Disagree employees of Curitiba

Care is a verb, but it is also flat. For 48 years, concern for people's well-being has been in the DNA of Unimed Curitiba, and that care is what drives and inspires the largest health insurance operator in Parana and one of the largest in the country.

Celebrate. The opportunity to come together to remember and celebrate another wonderful achievement. That's why principals, former presidents, founders, associates and class representatives gathered last night (06) to celebrate another year of life and a milestone: the reopening of Unimed Curitiba's headquarters. With a modernized overall environment to ensure the comfort and well-being of its employees and everyone who walks in it, the unit follows the path of innovation and sustainability, the premises of the cooperative.

Good luck. Today, Unimed Curitiba has over 4,500 assisting physicians, 530,000 clients and an accredited network of more than 380 accredited providers, including hospitals, clinics and laboratories. But this story of success, diligence and dedication began almost half a century ago with just 23 doctors who sought to value the work of professionals and offer their clients excellence in care, becoming a force.

Trust. Native female, making it the largest health insurance operator in Paraná, in addition to being among the largest in Brazil according to the Supplemental Health Efficiency Index (IDSS) and one of the top 150 companies they work for, according to a survey, conducted by Você S / A magazine, with a satisfaction rate of 88.2%.

It's grown. This is the goal and horizon of the cooperative, not only for half a century, but for the next countless years. For this reason, values ​​such as well-being and quality of life remain fundamental to those who prioritize health.

I perpetuate. In addition, the Unimed System program was launched, in addition to the campaign marking the new era, and the recently launched institutional video Unimed Curitiba. In the short film, the elements and images recall that despite their revered 48-year journey, their story is still beginning.

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