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What is this Kindle Paperwhite (2019)? [review]


I already told you how my life went in 30 days with the Galaxy S10 +, the iPhone XR and even the Huawei P30 Pro, with spoilers for many of the best things. Now it's the turn of the Kindle Paperwhite, which has been with me for over three months and went into "what is it?" Which you can call a review or even a review. Anyway, is it worth the money to spend on a book-only device? Come with me and I'll explain.

Kindle Paperwhite (2019) Exterior

It fits the books well, but does additional things

Kindle is the kind of product that a lot of people have heard, seen someone use on the street, and is still stopping by me on social networks to ask if this is interesting for reading books. I can give you two answers, one short and straight, while the other will navigate many paragraphs in this text.

Kindle Paperwhite (2019) Rear

The back is curved, comfortable in the hands

The first one is short and right: yes, it's worth it. The second is yes, but you need to enjoy reading books before you go shopping for a reader who generally serves that purpose. Is he doing more? Yes, it does read PDFs, but your ching-ling, which costs less than the best-selling branded mobile phone, makes it more convenient without relying on it. additional hardware or battery. If your use is read-only PDF, proceed only if you want to make it convenient – it's worth it.

Starting with books, you need to know the maximum that is needed for each Kindle: your only store will be Amazon. Are you OK? Yes, I found everything I researched. Can you buy a book from another bookstore? No. Amazon has almost every book you want to look for, ranging from fiction, sports, journalism and even lang leng. Include in this package your own Amazon distributor that publishes books by small authors like myself and you – I will still talk about the love life of xiaominions and earthplanists in one book.

2019 Kindle Paperwhite handy

I admit that I'm a reader who doesn't swallow books (I can see on the screen of my library of readers), but I'm still very pleased that I can read on the street without the physical book and without the repeated fear of Sao Paulo and this involves my safety in wearing eye-catching electronics. Kindle calls less than a tablet and the pain of a stolen Kindle will be infinitely smaller than an iPad. If this is a Kindle, the value lost in a robbery will be nearly six times lower than the cheapest iPad in Brazil in 2019, which costs $ 2,799.

In it, I read 1984, Animal Revolution, Fear and Delirium in Las Vegas, Hell's Angels, The Hobbit, and Lito's expensive book, Where Airplanes Die. All properly purchased and, as they are in my Amazon account, go wherever the Kindle app, Kindle readers and even the web browser work – the latter is a terrible way to read, with the worst eye comfort possible.

Kindle Paperwhite zoom

Higher density Easily display tree leaf details

I also tested PDFs, which always work poorly. They become disproportionate and the movement to approach and return is slow. That's not a problem today, and competitors like Kobo can handle this type of file better.

Between it and the most basic Kindle, what's changing?

This is the central issue in this review, as you can spend almost half of Paperwhite's money on reading a normal Kindle that runs the same books, from the same store and without restrictions. The difference is in the visual comfort, the similarity between what comes out on the screen and what the real book page would look like, since the screen resolution of the Paperwhite screen is almost twice that of a regular 167 ppi of light. Paperwhite shows 300 ppi and it's the same point-per-inch density as books and magazines. Do you understand?

A simple model is less close to what real paper will give you, but that doesn't mean you will read squares instead of letters. It's much more comfortable with Paperwhite and makes a difference in long readings. It also has water and dust protection.

At that moment, you thought, "Oh come on, you're going to read in the pool now, right?" No, calm down! The idea is not to read Agatha Christie or Clarice Lispector while diving with peacock bass. This is for security and for adding more features that add up to the extra cost.

I have smartphones that can be warmed up for a long time, but the only real use I do is wipe the screen with running water and a soft sponge. This is exactly what I think about this Kindle: do you read and miss ketchup pizza with karaoke or a hot dog with Paulista mashed potatoes? Get up, go to the bathroom and put your Kindle Paperwhite under the tap, wash with water and pat dry. Ready, brand new and even without fingerprints.

Like any Kindle, Paperwhite has no color and does not change reading for those who do not want to see photos. I'm not talking in a humiliating tone, because the colors in black text on a white background make no sense, right? This version of this type of reader was the first in the Kindles line with light for night reading, but now even the most basic model already has it.

Kindle Paperwhite 2019 screen is on

The brightness of the LED is high

Compared to the simpler Kindle, Paperwhite has an additional LED (that's 5 vs 4 on the other model), which guarantees more even illumination, which doesn't even leave a darker area. It really looks like there's a light bulb to the right at the top of the page with no shadows.

The front is made of rough, reflective glass, but it's the finish that is on all Kindles sold by Amazon. Even with the light in front of it, each Kindle makes the brightness reflect on the screen and it works just like paper.

Compared to the previous generation, this has gained more internal memory. In fact, the simplest version of Paperwhite comes with a doubling of the previous 4GB, with an option of 32GB. So much space makes sense to those who listen to audiobooks from Audible, which is an Amazon company that focuses on this type of content. Unfortunately, Amazon's Brazilian account does not offer access to Audible books, but a US account decides this and the books can be downloaded even here.

2019 Kindle Paperwhite vans

The battery is charged from the microUSB port

The battery lasts for "weeks of use," as Amazon itself says. I only uploaded a review account that took three months. Because the screen uses an ink type, it only takes energy to rearrange the dots and generate new information – like the next page of a book. It's slow on purpose, and it's part of a huge energy savings that makes perfect sense. Want much more fluid images? Buy a tablet or smartphone.

Okay, is it worth the investment?

I return to the beginning and repeat: only if you enjoy reading books and agree to stay in the Amazon store for that. Book prices are the same as physical books and sometimes cheaper, but you end up taking thousands of them into one device that weighs 182 grams, with eye reading, and that battery that can hold more than one reading. a whole month.

Kindle Paperwhite 2019 hero

Paperwhite is a bit more expensive than the basic Kindle, but it offers additional features that are worth it and make it the most cost-effective of this type of product. For a further change, you get double the memory, a more comfortable reading at night, a screen that shows pages of books that are more similar to the actual page, and there is only one problem: touch recognition is not so accurate, especially if you use the virtual keyboard.

When frying eggs, even for a person who doesn't eat books, it's worth it. If you need PDF files from college or something like that, it might make more sense to look at Kobo, which is sold in Brazil by Livraria Cultura.

Sure, the suggested value for the Kindle Paperwhite is $ 499 for the 8GB version and $ 649 for the 32GB, but it's not uncommon for Amazon to apply any promotions. At the time of this review, it costs $ 419 and $ 569, respectively.

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