Thursday , October 28 2021

"When I get married to a woman, I like the flower," says Gacy Arruda


After debuting his sex channel on YouTube, Gacy Arruda uses Instagram to talk about various topics suggested by his followers. One of the fans wondered if the model had ever had sex with travesties.

"This fetish is very curious because the transvestite is actually a woman. There is a chest, a hair, a woman's gesture, only there is a penis. Kissing a woman's mouth and entering a man's organ during penetration, I don't know, ”he replied. "When I get a woman, I really like the flower," added Geysy.

Later, Geysy also talks about marriage, claiming that she has come close to "yes" twice, but in fact has not yet found a person "worthy of such honor and glory."

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