Saturday , June 19 2021

Why the series should not leave the Netflix catalog soon

friends is one of the most profitable series for Netflix, but sometimes there are rumors that the program will be taken from the company's catalog – so it's always good to remember that it will not happen soon.

First, it is good to clarify how appropriate it is sitcom This is for streaming: Jumpshot study[via[via[чрез[viatranscoding], calculated by accessing the platform through browsers, finds that the series is the second most visited by the catalog, behind it Office but overcome the originals like Arrested development, Boyak Rider, Black mirror and Orange is the New BlackThis, of course, does not end with all the doubts: the study itself was made to emphasize that the company may lose most of the most watched content. The graph below shows the successes owned by other companies, such as Disney (and consequently, fox) and more:

Of course, Netflix knows this and works after preventing this possible chaotic scenario. In December 2018, rumors of leaving the United States began to spread. At that time, the license agreement nearly expired. It turns out that the company has made a new one WarnerMedia for the series' rights in December 4th, paying the huge $ 100 million to renew the contract – the company has paid $ 30 million to put all seasons in service in 2014 alone. friends for a time.

Additional, streaming works with content agreements that vary from region to region, so not always what is valid in the US and the world will happen in Brazil. take it Riverdalefor example, which broadcasts as original Netflix in Canada and other territories but passes through Warner Channel in Brazil.

However, it is inevitable that the presence of the Netflix series will have an expiration date – even more so WarnerMedia intends to have its own streaming placed in the US by the end of 2019 Kevin Riley, CEO of the company, still confirms[via[via[чрез[viaTV line]during the TCA, presenting the stations of the Association of Television Critics USA: "You can expect Warner's award-winning series [as[como[като[comofriends, The Big Bang Theory and the DC in CW] possible get to the new service. And sharing content is not a good business model. I believe they should be unique to the new platform."

The speech of the executive only confirms how important it is sitcom of the 90's for streamingsand that's what ensures that Netflix will continue to pay a salary while rights are still being sold. That's why it's good to keep in mind that friends your current platform will not last forever – but be wary of any alarming conversation that wants to cut it in advance.

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