Sunday , August 1 2021

With the victory and the departure of Cook's Santos there is a melancholy end of the year

Two games remain for Santos to try to ease the despair of his fan of the season. For a year full of controversy, political confusion and disappointment, the end of 2018 is a pure melancholy for fish. Mentally and physically suspended, the casting Santana dropped sharply in production during the last five rounds of the Brazilian championship. Thus, as a result of the devastating post of victorious victory, there is still little credibility in a place for the liberators since 2019.

Santos scored a goal scored against Botafogo: The team did not win for five games (Photo: Richard Calis / Fotoarena)

Santos scored a goal scored against Botafogo: The team did not win for five games (Photo: Richard Calis / Fotoarena)

Photo: LANCE!

The problems between coach Huca and President Jose Carlos Perez, who was once surrounded or placed under the carpet, gradually became unsustainable to the point of mentoring – in practice – to give up his club in 2019 without any cover for the irritation with the leader – through Bandsports week, Perez relieved, apparently without consulting him, the commander's health problem.

To find out the melted alvinegra at the last stretch, just imagine a cart with a trolley that reaches its tip high above the rails and abruptly descends without warning. When everything seemed to be headed for the G6 entrance, the home defeat against Chapecoense threw a bowl of cold water into Alvin's plans.
Passing Mistakes, Completion Mistakes, Defense Mistakes and Positioning … The unrecognizable Santos of the last circles is the result of all the problems imposed in 2018. The impeachment procedures against the president, the crisis in government, the problematic elimination in Libertadores, contradictions, including Conmebol, falling into the Brazilian Cup, exchanging a technician … There were several obstacles along the alvinegro road.

With a moral obligation to end the year with high heads, Santos must think about the next season when he will lose not only his coach but also goal-scorer Gabiogol, whose contract expires at the end of December and will not be renewed by Inter. Milan-ITA. Santos hopes to finish well in 2018 and goes down. There are still two more games to begin building a safe way for the future.


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