Monday , June 14 2021

Workers are taking action to protect Caixa's health plan

On Wednesday (14), national acts of workers from the Caixa Econômica Federal Federation were held to protect the health insurance category. The mobilizations were one of the discussions at the 35th National Employee Congress in Caixa, held in early August, as part of the fight to protect employee health and Caixa as a 100% public bank.

There has been a systematic attack by the Bolsonro coup on public banks in an attempt to privatize them. As part of these attacks, one of the measures is the elimination of state-owned companies' health plans, which, in addition to benefiting private bankers who own health plans, with the migration of associates, aims to reduce corporate spending, as in the case of Caixa, the current cost format of the plan splits healthcare costs by 70% for Caixa and 30% for workers.

The decisions of CGPAR (Interagency Commission on Corporate Governance and Corporate Governance) 22 and 23, issued by the government in January 2018, aimed to deepen the liquidation of state health plans as they restricted participation. 50% of total health care costs, ban on joining new hires, restricting access to retirees, billing by age group, shortages and deductions, termination of member control, etc. an unprecedented attack on workers and the public institution, Caixa Econômica Federal, a legacy of the Brazilian people. Scammers want to transform the employee health plan, which serves more than 300,000 users, into a private plan as part of a privatization-oriented company dismantling policy.

State health plans are assets built by workers and they are responsible for their management and control. Actions taken on the 14th to protect the health of Caixa employees should be a precursor to gigantic mobilization, along with workers from other public banks and state-owned companies (who are being attacked) aimed at defeating the coup by a national campaign for Fora Bolsonro and all the scammers, Freedom for Lula, new general elections, candidate Lula as the only way to counter the reaction of the coup against the heritage of the Brazilian people, the working class and the wealth of the the thorn.

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