Thursday , June 17 2021

48-year-old man only with a conditional sentence of fornication with his daughter

A 48-year-old man received a two-year suspended sentence from the Varna District Court for prostitution against his own daughter, Darik reports.

The child lived with her parents in Varna, being entirely dependent on her father.

The Plovdiv Court of Appeal left an 18-year-old boy from Harmanli in custody, confirming the definition of the Haskovo District Court. Mom …

During this period, the parent repeatedly felt, kissed, hugged, scrolled on the body and in the sexes of his daughter, using force.
She complained of what was going on in front of her girlfriends and a family acquaintance, then she decided to alert the police.
            The man was found guilty of committing prostitution in respect of his underage daughter for about a year.

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